Check This Movie Out………Creepy Horror Movie Where Someone Was Smart For A Moment

Saturday night, one of my favorite nights to watch scary movies, my husband and I watched scary movies. I love to do that at night, especially Saturday night when we can watch movies late into the night and the house is dark. If the movie is sufficiently creepy, I get to scared to go to bed alone. I like that, getting the shit scared out of me in the safety of my home where I can cuddle with my husband. It is one of my favorite things. If you add ice tea or hot cocoa, even both, or freshly popped popcorn, yes the microwave kind, and chocolate, I am even happier.

It can be a good scary movie or a bad movie that is so bad that it is good, you know funny bad. It can be suspenseful, gross, or sometimes make you laugh. It can be all of the above. However, if at some point, and if at several points, I am shouting at the screen for some or all of the characters to “run, don’t go that way, look behind you, hit him, hit her, hit it, I LOVE THAT.

.I do have a question here, however. Why, WHY does no one hit or kick  the bad guy in the nuts in these movies? Especially the cute, petite woman who weighs one hundred pounds soaking wet. She hits him everywhere else, in the face, in the eyes. She will kick him in the chest; sometimes stomp on his foot. You name it.  Why won’t she  KICK THE BAD GUY IN THE NUTS so hard that he pukes them out his mouth? It’s a simple question really.  

. Why is she being all ethical and fighting like they are in a boxing ring with a referee standing there? Instead she needs to realize that she is in a street fight or in some random abandoned mental hospital where this psychopath is going to kill and skin her if she loses?  Why must we believe that this or any woman or man is this fucking stupid? Why must every character in a horror movie be stupid? Or at least act that way?  I would also be okay with a guy using a nut kick on the bad guy. No shame in that. Fight for your life people. Make it look like you mean it and you want out of that place. I am just saying. Now granted, if you are fighting a ghost, they might not have nuts or at least not nuts that hurt if you hit them.  And if you are fighting a female bad person, then no nuts, so there is that. Then the screen writer will need to be more creative.

Just for the record, I hate, HATE torture horror. I don’t even watch that but I still manage to see stupid movies where it comes down to a one on one fight and someone has to make a decision to fight. So FUCKING fight to win. That is all I am saying.

Yes, it makes the movie longer if everyone is stupid, they won’t fight, they won’t run away from the scary noises, and they won’t leave the place. Why, why won’t they fucking leave the haunted house?  The easy answer is that the screenwriter has many people to kill off over the ninety minute or so period. I get that. I do think it is more interesting to the viewer if the characters aren’t ALL ass crack stupid. Curious, I get. Brave, even. I  respect  that, but stupid,? Okay, sometimes it’s fun, but  A FEW smart characters would be a great deal more interesting.

Okay, rant over, and back to the movie I watched Saturday. I do recommend it. It was called “The Innkeeper.” It was creepy. Seriously, creepy and suspenseful. Two regular people, not idiots, hmmmm, working the last weekend in a possibly haunted inn before it closes forever. They try to prove it is haunted and the shit hits the fan, the creepy shit. There are only a few guests in the hotel and the huge,  almost empty building is creepy.

Of course, the two people working there do stupid things. They check out the strange noises. Of course they do. They go to the dark, scary basement. They call to the ghost that may be haunting the hotel and ask her to show up. Yes, they do. Well, something has to happen to make it interesting and creepy. And it is. I will not tell you the one smart thing one of the characters does as it caught me by surprise and I loved it. I thought, yes, that is what you should do. Ironically I was immediately upset with the character for doing it. So, yeah, I can’t make up my mind. But he did the right thing.

If you want to watch it, it is called, “The Innkeepers”. I liked it enough to recommend it. I liked the characters and I thought they were interesting and sometimes amusing.  It creeped me out. Good scares. Not for kids, bloody and gory at times and gave me, an adult or so I say, good scares. Have fun and don’t go to bed alone. 🙂

SPOILER ALERT:   Read the next part only after you watch the movie, if you plan to. Don’t want to ruin anything. Otherwise, feel free.


Would not have been a good scary movie moment, or maybe just a different direction, but when he said he had something to tell her, he should have gone first. I think he had something of a sexual nature on his mind, although maybe he loved her, or at least liked her. He did go down into that creepy ass basement for her, so he cared about her. No way would I have gone down into that creepy ass basement. No way.  Also, since it was a horror movie, if they had sex or even made out, then something bad probably would have happened. Horror movie rules.  I am just saying.







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One Response to Check This Movie Out………Creepy Horror Movie Where Someone Was Smart For A Moment

  1. thehouseai says:

    I agree, although living alone it is harder at times. For a long while I was so numb that the scary movies I had never watched all my life were suddenly okay. Slowly coming out of that, and super scary is harder. A couple of good ones that are gory, but don’t involve much stupid behavior is one about a dinner party invitation – they go to this Art Deco house on a hill, and then the house closes, due to machinery, and is completely locked down. House on Haunted Hill. The other is about a glass cube house, that a guy inherited. Same thing. Thir13en Ghosts. The last is the Cube series, where people wake up in these connecting cubes, and some cubes are okay, and some are not, and they meet some people along the way, trying to figure a way out. Cube, Cubes, and a third one. In all you are spared them going to the bad sounds, or whatever, instead of running away, calling the police, etc. More believable. Some great Japanese ones two, like the The Grudge (Ju-on) with sequels, and from Hong Kong (The Eye, and The Eye 2, not to be confused with the american movie. Lots on Netflix. Some are really scary, without being gross, violent, etc. No Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Way, etc. These are just creeeeepy.

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