Republicans Can’t Stop Thinking About Women and Their Vaginas. Obsessed With Women’s Health Care, An Annoyed Nation Must Teach Republicans How to Have Sex With Other Adults

House Republicans passed another bill limiting abortion rights covered under the new health care bill. Republicans are obsessed with women’s reproductive rights. They appear to be. They put a great deal of time and energy into this.

Imagine if they put this kind of energy into finding the cure for cancer, for instance breast or ovarian cancer. They don’t seem to have as much passion or enthusiasm for legislating a way to find funds or a cure for that.  I think we might have a cure by now if they did. They might also be able to fight poverty, child abuse, all kinds of violent crime, and so many  other things. They could find a way to find funding for so many things , programs, etc., with that kind of enthusiasm and single-mindedness.

But no, they can’t get women’s genitalia, VAGINAS, out of their minds. There are women in this country having sex, and the Republicans are thinking about it. A LOT.

I think I know a way to help them overcome this horrible obsession. It is time for America to act to help these poor misguided Republicans. We need to have THE TALK.
So, Mr., Mrs., and Ms., Republican, now that you are an adult and in public office, there is this thing called SEX, and it is a beautiful thing that happens between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or a man and a woman, or you can have a threesome, a foursome,  mix and match with the sexes, or whatever. I don’t care what you are into as long as it’s consensual between adults, and there are no animals involved. That is where I draw the line.

Sex is not wrong. It is not dirty. It is not against God. Try it for FUCKS sake.

If you are married, even if you are a Republican, you can fuck each other. You have probably  FUCKED OVER  many people.  Maybe that is your confusion and your hesitation.  FUCKED OVER is bad. FUCKED, if done right and even if done almost right, is good. It is even great and fun, and it feels good. If you practice, in theory, you could get better at it. It will also give you something to do besides worry about what other people are doing. This is called getting a life.

Consensual sex with adults. I strongly suggest you give it a try. If you are still in the reproductive years, however unlikely, please use birth control, you know a lot about it because you know what you want to deny others. Please use it because the last thing we need are more republicans. And we know, you want to control YOUR own reproductive rights.

But please, please all of you republicans, as long as you are consenting adults, fuck each other and stop trying to fuck OVER the rest of us. We are really sick of it. You are making us angry and frustrated.  You are embarrassing yourselves. We are continually amazed at your stupidity and the audacity you have to tell other people how to live and what decisions to make. It is insulting. We don’t like you. I know you don’t care, but we will vote your asses out of office.

If you continue to act like pompous asses, women and men who have brains and use them to think for themselves will vote for Democrats. I am not saying all Democrats are perfect, but they have figured out what you genitalia controlling and obsessed Republicans have not.  They understand that  adult men and women want to make their own decisions about their bodies and their reproductive health. And, listen carefully to this part ONE. MORE. TIME. We find it INSULTING and INFURIATING and really FUCKING ANNOYING, that you keep trying to change laws to run things the way you think they should be simply because that is the way you think they should be.

We could vote most or even ALL of you out of a job, at least eventually. Don’t think we’ll do it? Okay,  watch and learn.

Then…….Gasp! Holy crap! Republicans are out of a job. Then YOU are fucked. And not in the good way that feels pleasurable and amazing, the way that I was telling you about.

No, instead you might have to go out and get a real job and work like regular people. Then no one cares what you think. You just have to go to work, show up on time, and do your damn job. I know you have been in politics for so long that you know someone who knows someone, so the possibility of real work is probably out of the question for you, but a regular person can dream.

Also, if no one will have sex with you, which is a possibility as you are arrogant AND a Republican, there is always masturbation. Look it up.

    And when you get kicked out of office, you should have plenty of time to practice.  You may not know this either, but you need to masturbate in private and no pictures or movies. No one wants to see that.

One last but important thought. Intelligent adults everywhere, please join me in voting these idiots out of office. I could not be more serious about that.


May 30, 2016

I am sad and outraged to say that this blog still applies. Republicans are still obsessed with our vaginas. They seem determined to take away the rights of women to legal and safe abortions. I don’t understand it, but it infuriates me as an intelligent, informed woman, who believes women have rights, should make their own decisions, and children should be born when they are wanted and can be provided for financially.

Women have every right to control their own reproductive decisions. Republicans in state after state have tried and often succeeded in closing down Planned Parenthood clinics that provide health care as well as reproductive health care services to women and to men.  Republicans oppose birth control services as well as abortion services.  This does not make sense to me or anyone who uses logic.  However, they do not appear to be using logic.

I would say that their motivation is for women to have many babies, however, they seem to have an issue with women having sex, calling single women “bad” and worse if they have sex.

That only applies to single women, because once you are married, you are expected, by Republicans to have sex and have babies.  I believe there is also something about being barefoot and in the kitchen involved, but I’m not sure what one has to do with the other.

Planned Parenthood provides services to poor women, so Republicans don’t get to control the rich women. They can take care of themselves despite what Republicans think. That doesn’t mean they like it. Fortunately, women as a whole stand up for each other.

It’s also interesting to note that once a child is born, the Republicans don’t give a shit about that baby, child, or teen. They go as far as cutting food stamps and programs to support children and families who need them.  I have to say, that isn’t very logical either, and I have no  respect for people, mostly male Republicans but the women who do this are no better, who want to control women and claim to value life, but don’t show it with their actions.

So seriously, Republicans, go fuck yourselves.







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