Popasoms and Laughing with Friends

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and a typo led to both of us having a good laugh. As usual, it was my typo.

We talked about many things and our conversation led to talk about the wildlife in my area. I said, “There are racoons and popasoms here.”

My friends’ response.” Oh yes….I know those those popasoms really pop when you hit them.”

Me: Possoms

Me: “Lol. Yes it’s very messy. I am so putting this in a story, so funny. Guts everywhere.”

Me: “Poop little popasoms.” Then I typed, “Poor.”

Friend:” Perfect.”

Me:” Laughing so hard now.”

Friend:” Me too.”

Me: “I may call them this from now on. “

Later in the conversation I told her. “The sad thing is that I also do things like this when I speak. lol”

We chatted some more.

Me: “I can’t top this. I think I will go get something to eat now.” and I did.

Seriously, people. How do I do these things? And  how am I so lucky to have a friend with just the right response?

I was sitting in my living room laughing so hard I was almost, okay I WAS squeaking as I laughed. My husband was asleep on the sofa and I thought I might sqeak laugh him awake. It’s a thing.

I pictured my friend sitting in her home, states away, laughing just as hard. How great is that?  All because I can’t type. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

When my husband woke up, I told him the story and he laughed. He said, “Poop little popasoms, poop. You can do it.” And we laughed. He is pretty great.

 Popasoms. Now my favorite animal. Also my favorite word. Use it today if you can.





About jambiethoughts

My name is Jamie W. Bryant,. Sometimes I drop the W. I am a currently a 55 year old woman with a serious sense of whimsy. I was having a hard time describing myself but when a friend said everyone wanted to be a princess, men and women, I said to call me a Queen, Warrior Queen. I think Whimsical Happy sometimes Silly Warrior Queen Who Takes No Shit But Is Really Kind and loves to have fun but is really responsible might do it. It is long, however I have never been good at editing myself, in SO MANY WAYS, so there is that. If you still have no idea who I am, well, read my blog and try to figure it out. I can be serious. I can be silly. I love to make myself and others laugh. I speak real shit. I believe everyone should be treated with respect, and I will if you will. I calls them as I sees them. I sometimes swear. Gasp! I do not swear when I am in the presence of children, but this blog is for grown ups. You have been warned.
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