Is The “Porch Pooch” Story in Texas Really About Political Corruption or Are They Just Stupid?

There was a thin, sad-looking dog sitting on a small balcony for over a week, with a phone cord, then a shoe lace, then a rubber band around its muzzle preventing it from drinking water in the heat in Texas. Of course it could not eat either. It wore a diaper for days at a time. Before that it was forced to urinate and defecate on that balcony and the urine and feces went through the floor onto the neighbor below. The neighbor understandably complained. However, the neighbor was most concerned about the dog’s well-being. He told the owner that the dog was badly in need of a walk. All I can ascertain from the story is that this never happened, instead the diaper happened. Poor dog, and seriously what is wrong with the person who was in charge of caring for this poor animal?
I use the words “caring for” loosely in this case as this is obviously abuse, well obvious to everyone except the Harris County Sheriff and the Houston, Texas SPCA who were called to the help this dog, and also to the Harris County DA, Devon Anderson. The DA said so, in video, and in writing. And the Sheriff reported this on their Facebook page as well. Go check it out. You can see it for yourselves. Hundreds of comments were on the DA’s page before they were taken down. People are leaving more comments all of the time on these pages.
Local news stations are covering the story. You can find articles about this on Facebook at, Dogs Deserve Better, and get updates on the page for the rescue that has been trying to save this dog at Pitt Bull Rescue of Houston. I encourage you to follow this story and support this worthy cause. You can follow me on twitter @jambie61, #HoustonWeHaveAProblem, #JusticeforJune.

There are pictures of this sad, emaciated dog, sitting on a small balcony, with a rubber band around its muzzle all over Facebook. Complaints have been called into and made in writing to the DA, the SPCA, the Harris County Sheriffs Department and a Sheriff and someone from the SPCA even went to the home and looked at the dog. They said there is not enough evidence of abuse to bring charges. Although there is this picture, which seems like evidence to me. And there are many other pictures just like this and video. Am I confused or are they?
Is there something more going on here? If you read everything you can find about this story, which I have, because I am dumbfounded as to why a place as large as Houston with as many resources as it must have cannot get ONE ABUSED DOG off of a balcony, you will learn that people, many people have been trying to get that dog off of the balcony for a long time. Neighbors have been calling and writing to the police, the DA, and the SPCA. People wanted to save that poor dog.
I can only tell you what I have read, but if the information is true, the first night an officer came to the address, saw the dog and found the dog to be in need of care. He reported to a neighbor that animal services would be out to get the dog. The next day, however a police officer came to the house and the person living there called him, “Dad”.
Okay, maybe this is true. However, “Dad” was in his role as a police officer and the person taking care of the dog still ABUSED the dog for over a week. It was reported that the person who was “taking care of the dog on the balcony” didn’t own the dog and it was returned to the owner, also possibly related to “Dad”. The SPCA person stood down as did the officer who first responded to the address. There was also information that the owner alleged racial discrimination.
Frankly, I don’t know what happened, but it went terribly wrong somewhere. I don’t know how getting an abused dog off a balcony ever got so complicated, but I want to know, WHERE IS THE ABUSED DOG AND IS SHE OKAY? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THAT QUESTION WITHOUT A SONG AND DANCE AND JUST SHOW US THE DOG? I mean, on video, time and date stamped, because I don’t trust any of you anymore. I’m pretty sure from the comments on the Facebook pages of the Harris County DA and Sheriff’s Office that many others don’t either.
I have to stay it’s become a dark, not so funny joke to ask….. How many people does it take to get a horribly abused and neglected dog off of a balcony in Harris County Texas??
Well, I’m sorry to say, it appears A WHOLE LOT! It appears to take an outcry on social media and a news conference in downtown Houston, and complaints on the Harris County District Attorney’s Facebook page, and The Harris County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page, and then we were told the dog was given to her owner. No one has seen her since, at least no one in the media.
It also appears that their answer to obvious animal abuse is NOT to arrest the animal abuser. IT is to arrest the person reporting the abuse. Well, I have to say that’s a new one.
The woman who initially called in the animal abuse report, got no response, then posted this story to social media hoping for some help in this horrific situation, was ARRESTED and held for 14 hours in a jail cell without ever being charged. This sounds highly suspicious to me. A person involved in this case, a woman named who works with Pitt Bull Rescuse of Houston, reports receiving a telephone call from DA, Devon Anderson, asking her to call off the dogs,( a little ironic). She said no.
However, Amber, the woman trying to get this dog to safety was eventually released. My suspicion is because they had nothing to charge her with. She tried to save a dog. I don’t think that’s actually a crime, even in Harris County, Texas.
So, please, join me and many other people who are disgusted, outraged, amazed and horrified , quite frankly at this story and let’s try to hold the  people who could not do the right thing and simply help an abused dog in need accountable for their actions and inactions.
I suggest we do this by sharing this story over and over and over until egeryone knows what happened and what is still happening there. Make it go nationwide. Give them nowhere to hide.
Post on their facebook pages at the Harris County Sherriffs Depts. Post comments on the facebook pages at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Post Comments at the SPCA of Houston, Texas. As questions, why was nothing done to help the Porch pooch, whos name was June, by the way.
I strongly suggest you don’t reelect people who can’t even manage to save one helpless abused dog on a balcony. I’m not at all impressed by their problem solving skills, let alone their lack of compassion for a living creature.
When I as well as others asked for follow up information regarding June, we were met with silence. The dog rescue was also met with silence. They wanted to help. That’s all they wanted. After such a long period of neglect, the dog was thin, emaciated. While the dog was still on the balcony, the woman from the Pitt Bull Rescue of Houston examined the dog and said she could count her ribs, every bump on her spine. She had a tumor on her hip. she could not stand. That dog needed long-term veterinary care. Why not let the rescue help?
Why not let every concerned person see that the dog has been or is receiving care? Show us a video that she is in a vet hospital and receiving care.
Amazingly( yes sarcasm) after all of the lies and being misled over and over, the public does not believe anything we are told at this point. Our concern is the dog’s well-being. We want to know for sure that this poor abused dog is okay. We won’t/didn’t belive a pretty, well presented news conference from the DA. We want to see a time and date stamped video of the dog, June, to know that she is actually okay after this fiasco.
Yes, I think there are good people in Harris County Texas. I even think there are good people in the Sherrifs Office and maybe even in the District Attorney’s office, but those of you who have been so inept to make this case about covering up what you DIDN’T do instead of just doing the right thing in the first or even the second place, should be ashamed of yourselves.
I hope the good people there will take action and FIX THIS MESS. PUT IT RIGHT. Don’t let this dog die, if she already hasn’t. Don’t let other dogs or any other animals die due to buracracy and corruption. If this is how dogs are treated, how are people treated there?
So, how many people does it take to make things right in Harris County Texas? Let’s hope we find out soon.


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