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Desktops need not be boring

Originally posted on Thehouseai's Weblog:
I collected a few items for desktops/cubicle living to while away the hours. Most of these came from Most were in stock when I put this together, but I’m sure if it’s out…

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Judge Not

Originally posted on April Fox:
Black robe, you are no Solomon, perched inside your wooden cage blathering like an imbecile? left too long believing in your own insipid wit Lathering the flaccid patriarchal cock with the shit you saved from…

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Are the Republicans punking us? Or Republicans, the bad ones, grow the hell up.

I’m just going to start off by writing down the headlines of articles I’ve seen on Facebook today, and then maybe add some sarcastic comments. Then  I’ll try not to swear to much. That’s the plan. Glenn Beck said that God … Continue reading

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Love your children, give them consequences with love

I write about my abusive childhood a great deal. Often, it’s difficult not to. Today I was reading an article on Facebook about a father who took his teen daughter’s telephone away from her due to some inappropriate pictures on … Continue reading

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To The Family Court Judge

To the Family Court Judge Who Makes The Decisions, Please learn about Narcissists and Borderline Personality Disorders to prevent lies and manipulation.   Dear Family Court Judge,   You made a horrible mistake.  You were wrong.  I know you don’t want to … Continue reading

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