We Fight Against Trump, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, All Hate. We Stand Together.

Your vote on Election Day told everyone who was not a white man you didn’t care if we felt safe or if we were safe. America, you told us you would not protect us. You told  women, men, and children they were not safe, and you did not care. You told white, black, Mexican, Asian, Arab, every race, from every nation, gay people, straight, transgender and everyone. You told every sexual assault and rape survivor.  You told everyone who is not a white straight man who you do not care about us, and you will do nothing to keep us safe.

You made it clear that you care only about yourselves, white men and some white women and anyone else who voted for Trump.  You can say you didn’t know. You can say we need to calm down or be quiet. I think you should stop saying that, by the way as it’s not helping.  You can say that’s not what your vote meant, but it’s what it meant to us, and it’s the result. It’s what you did.

I am here to tell you that we heard you, and we are not okay with that. We will not stand for it. We are united now in a way we never have been before. Thank you for that. You gave us a wake up call. Some of us. The naive ones. The ones that knew there were some you racist, sexist, hateful people out there but didn’t think there were enough to elect a hate filled man like Trump. Well, you showed us. And now it’s our turn to show you that this will not stand.

So smile while you can because it will soon be over. Your hate is ugly. Your ignorance is ugly. We all stand together. We see you, and we do not approve.

Maybe the ones who didn’t get it,who were on the fence, who naively thought Trump didn’t mean the negative, hateful things he said are starting to question him or maybe they are horrified.  Well, if you are still wondering, he did. And if you still aren’t sure, look at who he is appointing, racists, sexist, men who hate women, homophobes. He is setting up an administration that will destroy America.  He is every bit as evil as he appears to be.

You need to fight this. There is no more room for silence. When you hear racism, you tell that person that it is unacceptable, unless it will compromise your safety. I will. Others will. We will stand  with you. If you hear racial slurs in a restaurant, tell the person to stop talking in such an offensive way. Go ask the manager ask them to stop or to leave. Tell your family members, people at work,  not to say racist things.  NO MORE TOLERANCE OF HATE. It ends here.

Trump has empowered racists, sexists, homophobes, those who hate others to publicly hate. We must take action now to let them know they must go crawl back under their rocks and hide their hate because we will not tolerate them attacking people verbally or physically. We stand together.

We call them out at the grocery store. EVERYONE WHO HEARS OR SEES IT. We call them out on the subway, in the mall, on the street, wherever it happens. TAKE OUR YOUR CELL PHONE. TAKE THEIR PICTURE AND MAKE A RACIST FAMOUS. I mean that, across the world. Out them. Get videos. As soon as you hear or see something happening, get out your phone and start filming. You can do that and tell someone to stop being a racist jerk at the same time.

You can go get a manager at the grocery store. You can make sure that people are safe, because we all need to work together.

Women are being sexually assaulted on college campuses because Trump said it was okay to grab a woman by the genitals. Since the election, college guys are doing this. A woman was spit on and called Mexican and told to go back home. Although, she was Asian. So he was racist and stupid, not a shock.   The violence is escalating, and we have to stand together and stop it.

Please, everyone help each other. Trump and some people may support hate, but most people don’t. We stand together, and help each other. We don’t allow hate to win. We don’t have to. We never give up.







About jambiethoughts

My name is Jamie W. Bryant,. Sometimes I drop the W. I am a currently a 55 year old woman with a serious sense of whimsy. I was having a hard time describing myself but when a friend said everyone wanted to be a princess, men and women, I said to call me a Queen, Warrior Queen. I think Whimsical Happy sometimes Silly Warrior Queen Who Takes No Shit But Is Really Kind and loves to have fun but is really responsible might do it. It is long, however I have never been good at editing myself, in SO MANY WAYS, so there is that. If you still have no idea who I am, well, read my blog and try to figure it out. I can be serious. I can be silly. I love to make myself and others laugh. I speak real shit. I believe everyone should be treated with respect, and I will if you will. I calls them as I sees them. I sometimes swear. Gasp! I do not swear when I am in the presence of children, but this blog is for grown ups. You have been warned.
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