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Congress, America, Members of the Media, (In my Opinion) I’m Concerned Our President is Crumbling Beneath the Pressure of His Office, As Evidenced By An Investigation Into Voter Fraud That Never Happened. OR The Emperor Has No Clothes

Members of the media, Congress, please stop analyzing the behaviors of President Trump and trying to see what is beneath it. Stop trying to make sense of it. It does not make sense. Please look at how insane and delusional the behavior itself … Continue reading

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The Women’s March On DC Says We Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Attending the Women’s March On Washington, DC was not an easy thing for me to do physically , but I will always be glad that I did it. I have never been in a crowd so large, and  probably many other … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Gas lighting, and Why America Now Lives In The Eye Of The Storm of Narcissistic Abuse

I lived in the eye of the storm of narcissistic abuse for the first eighteen years of my life, just as  America is starting to live this same nightmare now. I imagine it will only get worse. My father had narcissistic personality disorder just … Continue reading

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