I Am Asking Congress To Stop Trump’s Trips To Florida, My First Petition

America has made a horrible mistake in electing Donald Trump, obviously. One of the many reasons is that he is a selfish man. He has been in office since January 20, 2017.  I am writing this on March 20, 2017, exactly two months later.  In that time he has spent all but one weekend at his hotel, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida at an enormous expense to American taxpayers. It has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a reported three million dollars for each trip, for the air travel and security including Secret Service for Donald Trump and his family as well as other people that he has invited to go with him.   THE LINK FOR MY PETTION is at the  BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Recently Trump added insult to injury by stating that America needed to tighten its belt and suggested a budget that if passed would literally starve  poor people, including the young and the elderly, by eliminating programs  they depend on to feed them.  I find it hard to reconcile the fact that Trump can say that this is a good idea and promote the idea of cutting programs like Meals on Wheels, Free lunches for poor and low-income children, PBS which provides funding for television which airs educational programing for shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and for Healthcare for the poor, low income, or middle-income people while dining on rich and expensive foods at his fancy hotel nearly every weekend.

Mr. Trump, in my opinion and based on his behaviors and statements, is not an intelligent man.   By Mr. Trump’s own admission he has not paid taxes in the last twenty years, so perhaps he does not understand this concept, however; I believe most Americans want to take care of the poor or those who have less with the taxes that they pay.

I also believe that Americans are sick and totally fed up with paying for Donald Trump and his family members including his adult children to fly to Florida to their lavish hotel, Mar-a-Lago, every or nearly every weekend since he took the office of President so that he can play golf, relax,  eat meals,  socialize with rich patrons of the hotel, and do whatever else he chooses to do, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

It was with that in mind, that I decided to write my first Change.org petition asking Congress to write a law to stop this wasteful  and to be honest,  behavior that reminds me of a spoiled child that needs a limit set for him.  No other President, to my knowledge, has ever taken every weekend but one of their first two months off to golf and relax  at great expense to the taxpayers.   I asked if perhaps they  could write a law perhaps limiting how much taxpayer money could be spent on Trump’s security, Secret Service, or limiting how much of his yearly salary could be spent on his security for recreational activities for him and his family for recreational activities.  You can read the petition and letter within the body of it for more details if you wish.  I will provide a link to it at the end of this blog.

I also asked Congress if Trump could have a limit set for a yearly vacation to Florida or a reasonable location, with a clear limit set on  a budget, and/or the number of people who would travel with him with the countdown to the annual vacation STARTING from the LAST WEEKEND at Mar-a Lago.  I that know that trump will probably say that these were working trips, but PLEASE.  One weekend included taking the Prime Minister of Japan and his wife to Mar-a-Lago.  I can imagine that they would have been just as honored and possibly more so to have been hosted at the White House in Washington, D C.   However, this one trip could be counted as a working weekend. That is one weekend.  Every other weekend could have been spent in Washington, D. C. or at Camp David as every other President before Trump has done.

Camp David is already a secured setting. It does not cost the American taxpayer any extra money if the President, whoever that is, chooses to go there for some rest and relaxation.

Trump has called Mar-a-Lago  the “Winter White House”, but that does not make it so.  America did not agree to the cost of guarding Mar-a-Lago, or Trump Tower in New York City as well as the ACTUAL White House in Washington, D C when we elected Donald Trump.  I mean the royal we when I say that, as I did not vote for him, and I want that to be clear. Trump is taking advantage of the American people. He knows it. He doesn’t care. I just want to be clear that WE, the American people, know he is taking advantage of us with all of these trips to Florid and IT MUST STOP.

The fact that Trump has called Mar-a-Lago the “Winter White House” does not mean he will stop going there when winter ends.  It does not mean that he won’t decide to go to another one of his properties or decide to travel to a new and creative location each weekend. Trump cannot be trusted, in my opinion and based on my observations of his behaviors.  Even if Trump says or promises  that he will stop going on vacations on the weekends, we can’t trust that because he has  a history of lying, including since he has taken the office of President of the United States.

I stated that I did not know if future Presidents would need to have this limit set for them, but obviously Trump had not shown the self-control or maturity to set these limits for himself and limits needed to be set for him.  American taxpayers cannot continue to pay for weekend vacations for Trump. We also cannot afford the security and if we do pay for it the travel for  ongoing vacations and business trips for Trump’s adult children and their families.  I read an article that stated the adult children were in Aspen this past weekend. I asked that Congress write a law limiting how much  taxpayer money could be spent on security, specifically Secret Service for Trump’s family members.

Trump and the members of the GOP have also written and supported a budget that cuts programs that support the poor. In the petition I wrote to Change.org and in the letter in the body of the petition, I asked Congress to write a law stopping Trump’s trips to Florida. I also asked that they  limit Trump’s vacations to one time per year, starting the countdown to that annual vacation from the date of the LAST vacation at Mar-a-Lago in Florida whether Trump SAYS the vacation was a working weekend or not. I again pointed out Trump’s propensity for lying.   I stated that as someone who worked in social services for over twenty years, I might not know exactly what terms to use in asking them to write this law, but I was passionate in my belief that the President of the United States should represent all of the people of America including the poor,  low-income,  middle class, and not just the rich.

I tried to be thorough in what I asked Congress in this petition. I stated that of course the language of the law that they wrote would be up to them, and that I was stating the problems as I saw them.   I did ask them to be as specific as they could in the language that they used in a time when we could not trust the meaning of the words of the President of the United States.  I also pointed out that Trump said he was going to have a VA meeting in Florida this past weekend,  he didn’t actually have the meeting, yet he still went to  Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

I grew up in poverty. I received free lunches in school. I personally hated it, as I felt ashamed. I think that was a message I got from society, though, that somehow I should be ashamed. Now, I know that I didn’t need to be. I was a child, then a teenager. It wasn’t my fault I was poor. There is no shame in being poor. I needed to eat.  I want any and all hungry children, teens, adults, and elderly people to eat. I hope most compassionate human beings do .

I worked in social services for over twenty years. I worked with many people living in poverty.  They were good, kind people. The thing that matters is:  they were people.  What a shame that Trump and the GOP aren’t aware of this or if they are, they don’t have any compassion for real people.

In closing, I ask if you feel strongly about Trump’s waste of taxpayers’ money, that you consider reading and signing my Change.org petition.  I need four more signatures for it to meet its goal and be e-mailed to Congress and to specific Senators including Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Bernie Sanders,  asking them to take action.  If you agree with my goal, please feel free to share the petition and tell your friends about it.

Link to my petition:   https://.chang.org/p/congress-write-a-law-to-make-trump-stop-weekly-vacations-in-forida-please-see-the-letter-in-the-body-of-the-petition-thank-you

The above is the title of the Change.org petition and it can also be located under the category of  #TrumpStayHome.

I appreciate any support you are able to provide, and I thank you so much for reading my blog.  I also tweeted about this on my Twitter page under my name,   Jamie Bryant @jambie61                       #TrumpStayHome        and       #TrumpKidsStayHome









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