In N. Korea the People are Starving While their Leader Grows Fat, but THIS is America. No To Trump’s Cruel Budget

Trump’s budget plan is evil. It attacks the poor in a direct and evil way. It cuts funding to programs that poor people and low-income people need to survive. Trump hates the poor. I do not understand it, but I don’t need to.  It is clear from his behaviors that he does.  He cares only about himself and the rich. The budget would take money from the poor and give it to the rich.

In N. Korea the regular people are starving while their leader grows fat, but this is America.  I watched a documentary about the regular people of N. Korea, and they were starving. This is what this budget calls to mind.  Everyone needs to say no to Trump’s evil and cruel budget.

His budget calls for cuts to Free Lunches for Children,  Food Stamps, Medicaid Insurance, and SSDI.  Only a man who has no compassion would want to cut funding for programs that cut funding for these programs.

The Free Lunch program explains itself. I grew up as a child in a poor family, and I received free lunches in school. It was embarrassing to me, but I was a child and what did I know?  It wasn’t my fault my parents were poor, and honesty, I needed to eat.  I am grateful for the food that was provided for me. I can’t imagine any DECENT person would want any child to go hungry. I certainly wouldn’t.

Food Stamps assist individual or families with children to buy groceries. It usually supplements what they are able to buy for themselves. My parents received food stamps for a while. I was a child. but I could tell that my mother was embarrassed by this. We were poor and my parents were determined to feed me and my sister, so my mother did what she had to do. They grew vegetables in my garden.  They did what they could do. My father worked full-time. My mother worked in her beauty shop and also cared for me and my sister, and later on she worked full-time. They also worked evenings and weekends at odd jobs and part-time jobs.  The working poor often get food stamps. My parents were an example  of that.

The dedicated enlisted men and women in the military make so little that when they have families they often need food stamps.  They should not be denied this benefit or have the benefit reduced. No one should.

Medicaid insurance assists those who are poor or with low-income to get needed medial care.  People will get sick and even die without this medical care and this insurance. This is not something that should happen in the United States of America.

SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance.   This is income that people who have worked can apply for if they become disabled. It is not easy to apply for and people are not easy approved to receive it. I am so sick of people thinking that there is a high percentage of people falsely getting SSDI. It’s simply not true. The process to apply is thorough and is meant to determine if people qualify for SSDI. The process usually takes a minimum of two years.   Applicants are required to submit information regarding all doctors and medical appointments and they then submit medical records.  This  includes all medications that the person is taking.

People on SSDI get a small portion of what they paid into the fund over the years. They are not getting wealthy on SSDI. They are survivinng.

I worked as a mental health case manager for six years.  One of the things I did was help people to apply for SSI, Social Security Income or SSDI if they had worked at any time before becoming mentally ill, as this does happen.  The process usually takes a minimum of TWO YEARS from the  time you fill out your FIRST very long APPLICATION, to the time you are either approved or denied. TWO YEARS is a very long time when you are mentally or physically disabled and cannot work, honestly cannot work and have no income.  The people who I case managed were lucky because we had a residential program where they could live free and food was provided. I don’t know what people who didn’t have that or family support did. They probably ended up homeless. It’s heartbreaking to think of what people had to go through.

The entire process is an application either on-line or in person which includes completing the long application  and a meeting with an agent at the Social Security Administration to review and turn in the application. Then you wait to hear from the SSA. Usually the application is automatically denied. You receive a letter in the mail with his denial. Then you can fill out another form to appeal the denial and you must do it by a certain date or you start the entire process all over.

After that the process involves hearings, and I at times attended hearings as a witness as a case manager to provide information regarding the functioning level of my clients.  Usually it was necessary for a client to find legal representation, someone who specialized in SSDI as it is a complicated process involving a great deal of paperwork and documentation. The representative did not charge for the representation, as the client had no income,  but legally could only take a small percentage of the client’s settlement and only if it was approved at the end of the entire process. This was not guaranteed.

Some clients needed to have a hearing in front of a Judge and the representative could meet with the Judge with them. Then they waited again to hear the outcome of the hearing. The outcome could be approval or denial.

Every three years people have to be recertified to prove that they still qualify for the SSDI benefits.

This is an overview of the process, and not having worked in the field for many years, I may have missed a few details, but this is the basic process. It is a long, complicated process.  My point is that is it not easy to get SSDI, and when you need it, it is a really difficult process to go through. Don’t assume that people are faking to get on disability.

And TRUMP and GOP, please don’t take SSDI form people who truly need it. That makes you a monster. People worked and paid into this program. It is THEIR money and they need it to survive, to pay their rents, to buy food, to LIVE.

Please keep in mind, most people don’t want to be on SSI or SSDI. Most people would prefer to work and be independent. People get sick. They don’t want to get sick. It’s something that happens to them.  Compassion not suspicion is what people need.  What happened to America? What happened to people?

I worked from the time I was eighteen. I worked and put myself through college. I took out student loans, another program Trump’s budget wants to cut. I guess he wants people to be uneducated too.  Well, the uneducated are less likely to protest an unjust government or to advance financially.

I worked to escape my abusive parents.  I was fiercely independent. I worked as a waitress. I worked as a cashier.  I worked in residential treatment with abused kids.  I worked in a homeless shelter with homeless adults.  I worked as a case manager with disabled adults.  I worked as a case manager with mentally ill adults.

I never thought I would get sick and yet when I was forty-seven, suddenly  my body failed me.  I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and for a while I thought I might be dying.  I went to my doctor and asked her to test me for everything  from diabetes to cancer because I had no idea why my body wouldn’t work anymore.  When I went back for the results, I braced myself for her answer, determined to be brave if she told me I was dying and having no idea how to do that.  She walked in the door and told me that the good news was that I wasn’t dying. The bad news was that I would never be healthy again.

It took me a long time to process and try to accept that information. I was grateful, ELATED, that I was not dying, so for that day and many after I was happy, but soon that turned to sadness as I realized that I might sit on my sofa for the rest of my life. I was only forty-seven.   I HATE not working.  I HATE being sick. I can tell you that the people I have talked to that share my fate feel the same way. I never could have imagined this would be my life. I had such hopes and dreams.  I worked so hard.

You never know what life will bring you.  Please do not judge someone who is sick, disabled, poor, or different from you in any way.  You do not know the life they have lived.   I cried when I had to apply for SSDI because I could no longer work. I wanted to work.  I still do. Most people do.

I try to keep a positive attitude as much as I can. I try to  contribute what I can.  I try to accept that this is what my life is now.

But I will not accept that Trump and the GOP want to starve poor people to death. I will not accept that Trump wants to harm poor people just because he thinks he can. I will not accept that Trump thinks he can do this in America.  I will not accept that Trump wants to punish people simply for being born poor, for being poor, or for getting sick as an adult.

I do not respect Trump as a person.  I have made that clear in many of my blogs. This budget proposal is pure evil. He wants to take money from the poor and give it to the rich.  It is unnecessary evil.  It is evil for the sake of  being evil.  I am beyond disgusted.  It cannot happen. Not in America.

Please consider sharing this. And even more importantly, please CONSIDER CALLING  YOUR REPRESENTATIVES in Congress and the Senate and ask them not to pass Trump’s Budget, ESPECIALLY if they are a Republican. And don’t hesitate to tell them that you VOTE and will NOT VOTE FOR THEM if they VOTE YES on TRUMP’s BUDGET.

In N. Korea, the regular people are starving while their leader grows fat. This is America. Say no to Trump’s evil and cruel budget.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.






















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