Trump Is Either Guilty of Treason or Doing The World’s BEST Impression Of A Guilty POTUS. GOP Grow A Pair NOW and put America before your party. Demand an Independent Investigation.

Trump, the POTUS, fired Comey last night.  Comey was the man in charge of the FBI, the man investigating if Trump was guilty of treason with Russia. That makes Trump look guilty. Trump fired him the day after Sally Yates testified in front of Congress and said that Flynn appeared to be compromised with Russia. She implied that Pence was or may be guilty also. That made me think Trump might be guilty. The NEXT DAY, Trump fired Comey, the man investigating if he had any ties to Russia. THAT MAKES TRUMP LOOK GUILTY.  I’m spelling it out clearly for the Republicans who seem to have difficulty putting America before their party. It’s time to grow a backbone and do just that.  I don’t know exactly what your hesitation is, and I don’t care. This is the moment, right here, when you need to do the right thing. Vote for an independent investigation of Trump. It must be done now. Stop being cowards or whatever it is that you are doing.

Trump is either guilt of treason, or he is doing the world’s best imitation of a guilty man. Even a Republican that is determined to be loyal to his  party MUST see this. You have to put America before party. You simply have to.  So get your heads out of the sand and do it.  Seriously, I don’t get your hesitation, unless you are guilty too. It’s the only thing I can think of.  You can’t possibly be that stupid or greedy or power-hungry. Can you?  Because that would make you a horrible, disgusting person. Our country is in danger. Russia genuinely appears to be involved with our POTUS. HELLO, GOP. Get OFF YOUR ASSES.  We need an independent investigation and we needed it months ago. We need it now.

You must know how harshly we will judge you if you don’t act. You must know how harshly your voters, history, will judge you if you don’t act.  YOU HAVE TO ACT. This is serious. This isn’t about parties or ideology. This is about RUSSIA and TREASON. Do you get it? Do you even begin to process this?

Republicans, get your heads out of your butts and do the right thing. Do it today. Do it now.  Support an independent investigation. We have a sociopath in the office of the President.  He lies more than he tells the truth.  He may be compromised and working for Russia. We have to find out for sure either way. TRUMP LOOKS GUILTY.  HE MAY BE GUILTY. HE PROBABLY IS GUILTY. SHOULDN’T WE FIND OUT?  NOW, TODAY, THIS WEEK.

DEMOCRATS , I ask that you shut down Congress until the Republicans are willing to work with you and start an independent investigation. Do not approve anything. Do not work with them on anything. This has to happen.

EVERYONE WHO READS THIS, I ask anyone who agrees with me to forward this, tweet it to your Congressman or Woman or Senator, Share it on Facebook.  Also, please call your Congressman or Woman and Senator until this independent Investigation is started.   CAll everyday. The people of America must demand that his happens.  Thank you to everyone who helps.

Do not give up. Do not stop. America keep demanding an independent investigation.








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Women Are Not Here For You. You Do Not Own Us.

This is amazing. Well said.

Drifting Through


A guy walks up to a girl in a bar. She’s laughing with her friends, engrossed in conversation. He slides in next to her to introduce himself. Offers her a drink. I’m just here to hang with my friends she says more than once. He proceeds to ask her “get to know you” questions, ignores her icy stare. Oblivious to her friends rolling their eyes. He appears immune to her Not interested‘s and her No thank you‘s. Finally, she sighs, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. He backs away grudgingly, defensively, hands in the air, It’s cool, it’s cool. I got it.

Her rebuffs weren’t enough. Her refusals were dismissed. It was clear that what she wanted wasn’t of much concern to him. But another man’s woman? That’s a record scratch. A stop sign. A no trespassing sign.

This story isn’t unusual. It’s not even rare. Most women at…

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Fuck You Republicans For TrumpCare And For Being Heartless Bastards

Yes, I’m angry that Republicans passed TrumpCare yesterday and then celebrated the passing of a heartless bill that will potentially harm and or kill millions of poor, elderly, sick, and disabled people in America.  I am using this blog to tell the Republicans, who I’m sure won’t care, and anyone else who wishes to read this, exactly how I feel. I need to vent. I will vent because speech is still free in America. So FUCK YOU every Republican who voted for this stupid, evil, heartless, bill that shows every American that you are heatless, soulless bastards.

You can lie all you want, and it says a great deal about you that you smile and celebrate while you do it, you sociopaths, but Americans know the truth. You care only about yourself, the men, the rich, the white. I did see one woman standing there, and seriously, WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you?  Did you forget you have a vagina? Did you forget that these men hate you too?

I read a headline that said this is class warfare.  Have no doubt that it is. The rich, white, old, conservative Republicans are trying to kill off anyone and everyone who doesn’t look like them and think like them. I am taking my vitamins, America. I suggest you do too. I may live to be one hundred out of pure spite. I hope every Democrat, liberal, and intelligent American will join me.

I have lived with evil people, truly evil people, my father is a sociopath, my mother was a borderline personality disorder. They abused me and my sister. They were horrible, awful people. I know evil when I see it, and I see it in the actions of the men and that one woman I saw that actually celebrated passing that shit show of a health bill yesterday that some actually admitted that they had not read.  They do not care what is in the bill, only that they will get a large tax cut and that poor, sick, old, disabled, and people of color, as well as some white people will die. That’s it. It’s that simple. They are racist, homophobic, hateful, greedy, sociopaths.

I am asking every Democrat, every liberal, every Independent, every THINKING American, every Republican, every American old enough to vote in 2018 ad 2010 to get our collective asses to the voting booths and vote these evil fuckers out of office. It needs to happen. Don’t stay home thinking someone else will do it. Even if you don’t feel well, go vote. Even if you are tired, go vote. JUST GO VOTE. We need to vote all of these evil fuckers out of office and keep them out of office.

Everyone needs to get  registered to vote NOW.  REGISTER TO VOTE in any elections held in 2018 and in 2020. Do it. You need to be responsible. We must hold these people responsible for their actions.

I’m not saying that the Democrats are perfect, but the Republicans proved yesterday that they are EVIL SOCIOPATHIC FUCKERS.  I think that alone is good enough reasons to vote them out and not to hesitate to do that ever again.


Everyone, rich, middle class, poor, sick, old, healthy, everyone deserves healthcare because we are human beings. If those old, rich, white men can’t see that, THEY are the ones with a problem. America has a problem.  We can start fixing it by VOTING OUT the ASSHOLE REPUBLICANS.  LET’S VOTE THEM OUT!





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Are All Republicans Cruel Bastards? Or is This Something New? OR Do We Have A Republican Asshole Epidemic In Washington, DC ?

I asked this question in a comment after reading yet another political article today about cold, heartless conservatives, which now seems to be the same thing as being a Republican in America.  It wasn’t completely rhetorical. I’m fed up. I’m horrified.

I grew up in an abusive home. I have seen evil. I lived with it in the form of my parents.  I knew they lacked compassion.  I know sociopaths exist. What I don’t understand is how did America elect so many of them to Congress and how did we elect one to be the President?  Where did we screw up, America?  And how quickly can we fix this? Because we really must fix this.

Trump is a sociopath, in my opinion. Let’s be honest, this is my blog, so this is all my opinion.  However,  I base my opinions on my experiences, education, and career in mental health.   When it comes to sociopaths and Narcissistic Personality Disorders as well as plain old jerks, I’ve had my fair share of experience.

I’m not saying Trump, his administration, and the current GOP invented cruelty, but they certainly seem to have mastered it and  even seem to have tried to elevate it to some form of disturbingly ugly damn art form.  Conservatives don’t want to provide healthcare to babies born with birth defects, for example Jimmy Kimmel’s baby.  What kind of cold hearted, empty shelled bastards don’t want to provide health care to a sick baby?

The GOP claims to be the pro life party but as many have said before me, they are the pro birth party. They are the control a woman’s vagina and thus every part of her body and life party.  They would never admit this, but most sociopathic monsters pretend to be good people. That’s part of the show.

I watched Sean Spicer, a man that lies almost as much as Trump, say today that pre- existing conditions will be covered in the new Healthcare plan, a blatant lie.  Moments before  I had read an article that said that women (and I’m guessing men) who had been sexually assaulted and or victims of domestic violence would not have those things covered under the new health plan as they would be listed as preexisting conditions. This was not a shock, however, it disgusted me.  My first thought was a series of swear words. My second thought was, this is what happens when you elect a sexual predator to be President.  I felt like crying in rage, but I didn’t because this crap just keeps happening, and I am almost getting numb to it.

I saw an article that said  that Trump had cancelled the celebration of Cinco De Mayo in the White House.  It could be true. If it is, I am not surprised as he is a racist.

I saw an article that said that Trump had written a law that would change how or if employees were paid overtime. I sighed.

I saw the photo yesterday of Trump patting a saluting Marine on the back. I was outraged. This man is offensive, rude, and stupid. He has no class. He has no respect for the members of the military or any of the dedication they have or the sacrifices they make.  Trump acts like a clown.

I saw Trump in a news conference today with the President of Palestine. He said that Palestine and Israel get along beautifully. He said that. I heard it with my own ears.  He is stupid. He is a stupid man.

I am embarrassed that America has a STUPID man as our President, a stupid man who lacks compassion, intelligence, education, integrity, humility, insight, or ANY GOOD QUALITY AT ALL. I can’t think of one.  I am serious. And that makes me angry. It makes me angry at anyone who voted for him. It makes me angry that this man represents America in any way in the minds of any other country in the world.

WE FUCKED UP, America. I didn’t vote for this idiot. Maybe you didn’t either, but someone did. Maybe Russia interfered in our election. I think they did. But we still fucked up and here we are. With this idiot and his compassionless party in charge, we have to do something so they can’t destroy all of the good things about America.

We have to keep fighting them, holding them accountable, and we really need to get this idiot impeached or get him to resign as soon as possible. I know that seems like a dream to many, but this idiot appears to have dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s, and while that’s in my opinion others have said the same thing.  In layman’s terms, HE IS LOSING HIS SHIT.   The man with his finger on the button, and not the coke one, appears to have dementia.  I shit you not.

Trump figured out after one hundred days that being President was harder than he thought it would be. He figured out after trying to change healthcare that it was complicated. He figured out after talking to the President of China that the situation in N. Korea was complicated.  I feel like screaming just typing those sentences, especially since he is still taking America to the brink of possible nuclear war due to his massive ego and stupidity.

This man is not going to broker peach in the Middle East. This man doesn’t understand what happened in the Civil War or know who was alive at any point in time.  This man is probably lucky to find his bedroom in the White House without assistance at the end of each evening.

Trump reminds me more and more of my elderly father as his Alzheimer’s advanced.  My father could not remember how I, his adult daughter,  got to his house or what I was doing there or bragged happily about chasing after criminals on the nearby highway driving seventy miles an hour, leaving me to wonder if he really had or if he was imagining it.

Trump is a dangerous, sociopath with no remorse. He is a cruel, self-centered, self-serving, old man lacking in compassion and integrity who knows little to nothing about American or world history, is unwilling or unable to learn or retain the information.  He is unable to speak in complete sentences.   He craves attention and praise, cannot handle criticism, and lies most of the time about anything and everything.    He has a fragile ego which he hides with his false arrogance. He does not understand and is incapable of diplomacy. He is disrespectful to world leaders and exhibits little to no manners.  Whether he has Alzheimer’s or not,  he is unfit to serve at the President of the United States, but if he has it, America, we are fucked.











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I Am Asking Congress To Stop Trump’s Trips To Florida, My First Petition

America has made a horrible mistake in electing Donald Trump, obviously. One of the many reasons is that he is a selfish man. He has been in office since January 20, 2017.  I am writing this on March 20, 2017, exactly two months later.  In that time he has spent all but one weekend at his hotel, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida at an enormous expense to American taxpayers. It has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a reported three million dollars for each trip, for the air travel and security including Secret Service for Donald Trump and his family as well as other people that he has invited to go with him.   THE LINK FOR MY PETTION is at the  BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Recently Trump added insult to injury by stating that America needed to tighten its belt and suggested a budget that if passed would literally starve  poor people, including the young and the elderly, by eliminating programs  they depend on to feed them.  I find it hard to reconcile the fact that Trump can say that this is a good idea and promote the idea of cutting programs like Meals on Wheels, Free lunches for poor and low-income children, PBS which provides funding for television which airs educational programing for shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and for Healthcare for the poor, low income, or middle-income people while dining on rich and expensive foods at his fancy hotel nearly every weekend.

Mr. Trump, in my opinion and based on his behaviors and statements, is not an intelligent man.   By Mr. Trump’s own admission he has not paid taxes in the last twenty years, so perhaps he does not understand this concept, however; I believe most Americans want to take care of the poor or those who have less with the taxes that they pay.

I also believe that Americans are sick and totally fed up with paying for Donald Trump and his family members including his adult children to fly to Florida to their lavish hotel, Mar-a-Lago, every or nearly every weekend since he took the office of President so that he can play golf, relax,  eat meals,  socialize with rich patrons of the hotel, and do whatever else he chooses to do, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

It was with that in mind, that I decided to write my first petition asking Congress to write a law to stop this wasteful  and to be honest,  behavior that reminds me of a spoiled child that needs a limit set for him.  No other President, to my knowledge, has ever taken every weekend but one of their first two months off to golf and relax  at great expense to the taxpayers.   I asked if perhaps they  could write a law perhaps limiting how much taxpayer money could be spent on Trump’s security, Secret Service, or limiting how much of his yearly salary could be spent on his security for recreational activities for him and his family for recreational activities.  You can read the petition and letter within the body of it for more details if you wish.  I will provide a link to it at the end of this blog.

I also asked Congress if Trump could have a limit set for a yearly vacation to Florida or a reasonable location, with a clear limit set on  a budget, and/or the number of people who would travel with him with the countdown to the annual vacation STARTING from the LAST WEEKEND at Mar-a Lago.  I that know that trump will probably say that these were working trips, but PLEASE.  One weekend included taking the Prime Minister of Japan and his wife to Mar-a-Lago.  I can imagine that they would have been just as honored and possibly more so to have been hosted at the White House in Washington, D C.   However, this one trip could be counted as a working weekend. That is one weekend.  Every other weekend could have been spent in Washington, D. C. or at Camp David as every other President before Trump has done.

Camp David is already a secured setting. It does not cost the American taxpayer any extra money if the President, whoever that is, chooses to go there for some rest and relaxation.

Trump has called Mar-a-Lago  the “Winter White House”, but that does not make it so.  America did not agree to the cost of guarding Mar-a-Lago, or Trump Tower in New York City as well as the ACTUAL White House in Washington, D C when we elected Donald Trump.  I mean the royal we when I say that, as I did not vote for him, and I want that to be clear. Trump is taking advantage of the American people. He knows it. He doesn’t care. I just want to be clear that WE, the American people, know he is taking advantage of us with all of these trips to Florid and IT MUST STOP.

The fact that Trump has called Mar-a-Lago the “Winter White House” does not mean he will stop going there when winter ends.  It does not mean that he won’t decide to go to another one of his properties or decide to travel to a new and creative location each weekend. Trump cannot be trusted, in my opinion and based on my observations of his behaviors.  Even if Trump says or promises  that he will stop going on vacations on the weekends, we can’t trust that because he has  a history of lying, including since he has taken the office of President of the United States.

I stated that I did not know if future Presidents would need to have this limit set for them, but obviously Trump had not shown the self-control or maturity to set these limits for himself and limits needed to be set for him.  American taxpayers cannot continue to pay for weekend vacations for Trump. We also cannot afford the security and if we do pay for it the travel for  ongoing vacations and business trips for Trump’s adult children and their families.  I read an article that stated the adult children were in Aspen this past weekend. I asked that Congress write a law limiting how much  taxpayer money could be spent on security, specifically Secret Service for Trump’s family members.

Trump and the members of the GOP have also written and supported a budget that cuts programs that support the poor. In the petition I wrote to and in the letter in the body of the petition, I asked Congress to write a law stopping Trump’s trips to Florida. I also asked that they  limit Trump’s vacations to one time per year, starting the countdown to that annual vacation from the date of the LAST vacation at Mar-a-Lago in Florida whether Trump SAYS the vacation was a working weekend or not. I again pointed out Trump’s propensity for lying.   I stated that as someone who worked in social services for over twenty years, I might not know exactly what terms to use in asking them to write this law, but I was passionate in my belief that the President of the United States should represent all of the people of America including the poor,  low-income,  middle class, and not just the rich.

I tried to be thorough in what I asked Congress in this petition. I stated that of course the language of the law that they wrote would be up to them, and that I was stating the problems as I saw them.   I did ask them to be as specific as they could in the language that they used in a time when we could not trust the meaning of the words of the President of the United States.  I also pointed out that Trump said he was going to have a VA meeting in Florida this past weekend,  he didn’t actually have the meeting, yet he still went to  Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

I grew up in poverty. I received free lunches in school. I personally hated it, as I felt ashamed. I think that was a message I got from society, though, that somehow I should be ashamed. Now, I know that I didn’t need to be. I was a child, then a teenager. It wasn’t my fault I was poor. There is no shame in being poor. I needed to eat.  I want any and all hungry children, teens, adults, and elderly people to eat. I hope most compassionate human beings do .

I worked in social services for over twenty years. I worked with many people living in poverty.  They were good, kind people. The thing that matters is:  they were people.  What a shame that Trump and the GOP aren’t aware of this or if they are, they don’t have any compassion for real people.

In closing, I ask if you feel strongly about Trump’s waste of taxpayers’ money, that you consider reading and signing my petition.  I need four more signatures for it to meet its goal and be e-mailed to Congress and to specific Senators including Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Bernie Sanders,  asking them to take action.  If you agree with my goal, please feel free to share the petition and tell your friends about it.

Link to my petition:

The above is the title of the petition and it can also be located under the category of  #TrumpStayHome.

I appreciate any support you are able to provide, and I thank you so much for reading my blog.  I also tweeted about this on my Twitter page under my name,   Jamie Bryant @jambie61                       #TrumpStayHome        and       #TrumpKidsStayHome








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Dear Jason Chaffetz, You Sir Are An Arrogant Elitist Jerk. Since You Won’t Take Calls, Let’s Talk I Phones, The Poor, and Being Judgmental Here

Dear Jason Chaffetz,  You are a representative in the United States government. It seems you don’t understand this, and it also seems  you don’t care, but here is the deal, YOU work for ME, a regular American. You work for all Americans, so when you go on a television news program and say something arrogant as you did today, you get heat. I’m thinking you received  a lot of heat because when I tried to call your office just now to express my dissatisfaction with your rudeness, I couldn’t get through to leave a message. On the line for people who are not your constituents,  a message said it was full of messages. On the line for constituents, it said that you were not taking calls. Really, you aren’t taking calls from your constituents today?  I even tried to e-mail you, but apparently, you have to live in your district and prove repeatedly that you are not a robot in order to do that.

In my opinion, you sir, are a coward. If you are going to go on national television and insult an entire group of people, then you need to have the courage to deal with the consequences. Obviously, you do not. However, I have am going to have my say, whether you read it or not.

You obviously know nothing about poor people. I am sick of you and other republicans judging poor people. You act like you have some kind of moral high ground simply because you were born to parents who had money. You don’t.  Rich people aren’t better than poor people simple based on the amount of money they have.  People are better people based on their actions and often their words.  Jason, you failed miserably today. You said horrible things about a group of people you do not know. You judged people you do not know. You assumed that poor people make bad choices. You are uninformed, and it seems you do not care to educate yourself, however; I am going to try.

I grew up in poverty.   When I was born, my parents were doing well financially. It doesn’t really matter, that just happens to be a fact and part of my story. They were not rich, but they were able to pay their bills.  My father worked full-time and my mother worked part-time as a  hair dresser out of the beauty shop attached to our home when my sister and I were younger. She worked full-time outside of our home when we got older.  We lived my entire childhood in a modest home in a small town in Pennsylvania.

When I was a young child, my father got sick. He had to change jobs from his usual milk delivery and his income went down. He continued to work full-time during the day and worked part-time jobs in the evenings and on weekends with my mother.

I remember my father and mother taking a job cleaning the local library in the evenings after it was closed. My younger sister and I went with them, and now  I realize it was because they couldn’t afford childcare. We sat in the children’s  section and entertained ourselves, careful not to make a mess or disturb anything, while my parents cleaned which included sweeping and mopping the floors of the large old  building that I thought of as a beautiful, magical place.  On weekends and other nights, my father who was skilled in woodworking built things for others and my mothers helped him. He also did odd jobs including doing basic plumbing or doing body work on cars or to earn extra income.

Mr. Chaffez, you seem to think that poor people have poor planning, or buy items they do not need. You seem to blame them for the circumstances they find themselves in by no fault of their own.  I want you to understand that when you are poor, you simply live each day in the best way that you can.  When you are poor, you don’t have the ability to save money. All of your money goes to survival.  You don’t have the ability to make better choices. Your choices are made for you by your circumstances.  Really, your lack of choices are made for you by your circumstances.

Some poor people probably don’t have a cell phone. Some may have an inexpensive cell phone. Maybe some poor people buy smart phones. So what? They aren’t really expensive and many people use them in place of home phones. They are able to use them for everything including internet access and can be used in case of emergencies when they are away from home. If you have children, it’s a useful tool to have when you are out in the community. Also  poor people can’t afford to buy new cars so they  often drive used cars,  which can break down often.  No one no one wants to be stranded with a broken down car without being able to contact someone to come and help them, especially if you have young children with you. When you are poor, you often don’t have AAA as you can’t afford it,  or can’t afford a tow truck, so you depend on family or friends to come and get you or help you to get your car running again.

Also, poor people are still people and are entitled to make whatever choices they want with what little money they have.  Everyone deserves joy in life. I’m sure you enjoy the luxuries you have in your life, the cup of coffee you buy on the way to work, the movie you see on the weekend. Would you like someone telling you that you should spend that money in a better, more efficient way? Would you like it if someone appointed themselves as your moral superior and told you that you  should make your coffee at home to save money  or say that instead of going to the movies, you should donate that money to charity?  No, people have the right to whatever joys, large or small, they enjoy in life.

Children who are born to wealthy parents are able to choose to go to college if they wish.  If they do, their parents pay for their college education.   When they graduate, they are not $25,000. or more in student loan debt starting out right out of school. This was the case for me in 1984 when I graduated from college. I put myself through college.  My husband did too as we were both born to poor families.  We got married right out of college, and were $50,ooo.oo in debt. He was an officer in the Marine Corps, and we went to Quantico, Virginia where he began his training.

We were lucky in many ways. We were white and certain privileges came with that. We had grown up in a town where we went to great schools and received an excellent education.   We grew up at a time when we could afford to put ourselves through college on student loans and in his case also on grants, and still afford to live for part of our college careers  in the college town we lived in by supporting ourselves with part-time jobs.  The rents in the community were not high in 1984.  I doubt this would be possible for someone as poor as we were to do this in 2017.

While I will give my parents all of the credit for being hard workers who provided for my physical needs, who kept me in stable shelter, who kept me clothed,  and fed, I will acknowledge that I was abused by them.  I was still lucky because I had good people in my life who helped me.  I had adults who provided  some stability and let me know that I was smart and lovable. There were good people in my life, not every abused and or neglected child has this either. I know I was lucky.  I know these things made a difference in my life and in the opportunities I had.

Being poor is not a choice.  You cannot simply pull yourself out of poverty by sheer force of will or by working hard enough.  You cannot pull yourself out of poverty  if you do not get a good education as a child and a teen.

I worked in the social services field with people who lived in poverty for over twenty years. The majority of them were good, kind, compassionate people who were simply trying to do the best they could with the limitations that life that gave them.  I worked with different populations including homeless adults and mentally ill adults.  I  respected them a great deal.  Everyone has something that they have to deal with in life. We all have some kind of limitation. No one is perfect.

Jason, it is not your job to judge others. It is definitely not your job to judge poor people and the choices they make in their lives. It is your job to represent your constituents and to listen to them.  It would be great if you could make it your job to  educate yourself about poverty.

It would be great if you would make it your job to educate yourself about the needs of the poor including their healthcare needs, and then try to do something to actually HELP them.  Jason, it would also be great if you would try to be a better human being.

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Dear Republicans, My Parents Were Poor and I Received Free Lunches. You Have No Souls If You Cut Free Lunches. We Won’t Forget If You Do.

Dear Republicans,   I am fifty-five years old now. I grew up in a small town in  Pennsylvania, in a home where my parents were poor. They both worked hard at full-time jobs during the week,  and my father and mother worked at part-time jobs on the weekends to bring in more income.  However, we were poor, and they needed help to feed me and my younger sister. I think they were embarrassed to apply for food stamps and to receive them. I know I was embarrassed as a teenager getting my free lunch ticket every Monday morning, as  I left my home room as quietly and inconspicuously as  I could, hoping none of my classmates would notice my leaving or ask me where I was going.

I felt so much shame about getting free lunches, but as an adult, I realize that I didn’t need to. It wasn’t my fault that my parents were poor. I was a child.  I needed to eat. And by the way, Paul Ryan, if you really made that remark about poor kids not having a soul, I had a soul as a poor child.  Maybe you have never met a poor child or a poor adult, but we are simply people.

I question if you have a soul now if you really want to take funding away from feeding children. Who would do that? Certainly not someone with a kind heart or with any compassion.

I got a simple, nutritious meal, with my free lunch ticket, the same meal available to any of my classmates. Anyone could choose to buy a lunch ticket, so I  had the knowledge that perhaps people wouldn’t know for sure that I received free lunches. Yet everyday when I paid for my lunch with that ticket, I was sure that people knew, or at least suspected that I was poor, and I was ashamed. That is how I spent seventh through twelfth grade in middle and high school, at least every day at lunch. That does not mean I didn’t have a soul. It does mean, I had feelings. I was a child being a child. I felt embarrassed, but I didn’t need to.

I did that to myself, but I think the attitude that many Republicans have  toward the poor and free lunches at least in part continues and  can spark that attitude of feeling shame at being poor.  Not one person in my life ever shamed me for being poor, but somehow I knew, there was shame in it.  Society let me know.  People like you, Republicans who look down on the poor, let me know.

You, each and every Republican who says that you must cut funding to food stamps and to free lunches, certainly if you have the audacity to say that children who get free lunches have no soul, you add to the myth, the lie that children, CHILDREN, should be ashamed of being poor. You should be ashamed for the words that come out of your mouth,  for your attitude towards the poor, let alone for the actions that you say you will take, and even more so if you actually take them.

What kind of person would take away the ability to get food from a hungry child? I’ll answer that for you, an evil, selfish person. If you and other Republicans defund food stamps and free lunches, it makes you evil.  Many issues in life are not black and white, but this is. It makes you wrong. It makes you unelectable. I thought the last one might get your attention.

You seem to revel in your evilness, but please do keep in mind, that there are consequences for your actions. They are called elections.  We will not blame all of this on Trump. We know you want us to, and we, the educated and informed people, the Resistance, the people who are watching what the Republicans are doing to destroy America while Trump distracts everyone else with his buffoonery, we are watching you, the Republicans. The  laws that  you, the Republicans pass, you will be held accountable for them.   You will be held accountable for your actions.

If you do this, if you take money away from the poor adults that need it,  those on SSI, those who are physically disabled and mentally ill and cannot work, or poor adults who work for minimum wage, often at two jobs and still need help in the form of food stamps, that will not be okay with us. It will not be accepted. That will have consequences, be sure of that.  That is bad enough,  but KNOW THIS, Republicans. We will not forgive you for taking money away from the poor and hungry children. We will remember in 2018 and 2020.   We will hold you, the Republicans accountable.  We will not forget.

All of those people protesting, and even some of us who do not have the physical stamina to protest, we will be at the voting booths in 2018 and 2020.  We are not being paid to protest.  We are there because we are angry. We are there because we have had enough.  People are showing up at our town halls because many have found their voices for the first time, and you will hear us, there and in the voting booths. No one pays people to be in the town halls.  We are not being paid to make the telephones ring in your offices or to write you e mails or to tweet at you. We are doing it because we see you as you are.  We are holding you accountable. We will continue to.  You can count on it.

So, Republicans, smile and be smug, say it’s going well since Trump took office, but if you decide to hurt the most vulnerable with your budget cuts, start making your retirement plans now. You will need them.  #Resistance

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