I Am Asking Congress To Stop Trump’s Trips To Florida, My First Petition

America has made a horrible mistake in electing Donald Trump, obviously. One of the many reasons is that he is a selfish man. He has been in office since January 20, 2017.  I am writing this on March 20, 2017, exactly two months later.  In that time he has spent all but one weekend at his hotel, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida at an enormous expense to American taxpayers. It has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a reported three million dollars for each trip, for the air travel and security including Secret Service for Donald Trump and his family as well as other people that he has invited to go with him.   THE LINK FOR MY PETTION is at the  BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Recently Trump added insult to injury by stating that America needed to tighten its belt and suggested a budget that if passed would literally starve  poor people, including the young and the elderly, by eliminating programs  they depend on to feed them.  I find it hard to reconcile the fact that Trump can say that this is a good idea and promote the idea of cutting programs like Meals on Wheels, Free lunches for poor and low-income children, PBS which provides funding for television which airs educational programing for shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and for Healthcare for the poor, low income, or middle-income people while dining on rich and expensive foods at his fancy hotel nearly every weekend.

Mr. Trump, in my opinion and based on his behaviors and statements, is not an intelligent man.   By Mr. Trump’s own admission he has not paid taxes in the last twenty years, so perhaps he does not understand this concept, however; I believe most Americans want to take care of the poor or those who have less with the taxes that they pay.

I also believe that Americans are sick and totally fed up with paying for Donald Trump and his family members including his adult children to fly to Florida to their lavish hotel, Mar-a-Lago, every or nearly every weekend since he took the office of President so that he can play golf, relax,  eat meals,  socialize with rich patrons of the hotel, and do whatever else he chooses to do, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

It was with that in mind, that I decided to write my first Change.org petition asking Congress to write a law to stop this wasteful  and to be honest,  behavior that reminds me of a spoiled child that needs a limit set for him.  No other President, to my knowledge, has ever taken every weekend but one of their first two months off to golf and relax  at great expense to the taxpayers.   I asked if perhaps they  could write a law perhaps limiting how much taxpayer money could be spent on Trump’s security, Secret Service, or limiting how much of his yearly salary could be spent on his security for recreational activities for him and his family for recreational activities.  You can read the petition and letter within the body of it for more details if you wish.  I will provide a link to it at the end of this blog.

I also asked Congress if Trump could have a limit set for a yearly vacation to Florida or a reasonable location, with a clear limit set on  a budget, and/or the number of people who would travel with him with the countdown to the annual vacation STARTING from the LAST WEEKEND at Mar-a Lago.  I that know that trump will probably say that these were working trips, but PLEASE.  One weekend included taking the Prime Minister of Japan and his wife to Mar-a-Lago.  I can imagine that they would have been just as honored and possibly more so to have been hosted at the White House in Washington, D C.   However, this one trip could be counted as a working weekend. That is one weekend.  Every other weekend could have been spent in Washington, D. C. or at Camp David as every other President before Trump has done.

Camp David is already a secured setting. It does not cost the American taxpayer any extra money if the President, whoever that is, chooses to go there for some rest and relaxation.

Trump has called Mar-a-Lago  the “Winter White House”, but that does not make it so.  America did not agree to the cost of guarding Mar-a-Lago, or Trump Tower in New York City as well as the ACTUAL White House in Washington, D C when we elected Donald Trump.  I mean the royal we when I say that, as I did not vote for him, and I want that to be clear. Trump is taking advantage of the American people. He knows it. He doesn’t care. I just want to be clear that WE, the American people, know he is taking advantage of us with all of these trips to Florid and IT MUST STOP.

The fact that Trump has called Mar-a-Lago the “Winter White House” does not mean he will stop going there when winter ends.  It does not mean that he won’t decide to go to another one of his properties or decide to travel to a new and creative location each weekend. Trump cannot be trusted, in my opinion and based on my observations of his behaviors.  Even if Trump says or promises  that he will stop going on vacations on the weekends, we can’t trust that because he has  a history of lying, including since he has taken the office of President of the United States.

I stated that I did not know if future Presidents would need to have this limit set for them, but obviously Trump had not shown the self-control or maturity to set these limits for himself and limits needed to be set for him.  American taxpayers cannot continue to pay for weekend vacations for Trump. We also cannot afford the security and if we do pay for it the travel for  ongoing vacations and business trips for Trump’s adult children and their families.  I read an article that stated the adult children were in Aspen this past weekend. I asked that Congress write a law limiting how much  taxpayer money could be spent on security, specifically Secret Service for Trump’s family members.

Trump and the members of the GOP have also written and supported a budget that cuts programs that support the poor. In the petition I wrote to Change.org and in the letter in the body of the petition, I asked Congress to write a law stopping Trump’s trips to Florida. I also asked that they  limit Trump’s vacations to one time per year, starting the countdown to that annual vacation from the date of the LAST vacation at Mar-a-Lago in Florida whether Trump SAYS the vacation was a working weekend or not. I again pointed out Trump’s propensity for lying.   I stated that as someone who worked in social services for over twenty years, I might not know exactly what terms to use in asking them to write this law, but I was passionate in my belief that the President of the United States should represent all of the people of America including the poor,  low-income,  middle class, and not just the rich.

I tried to be thorough in what I asked Congress in this petition. I stated that of course the language of the law that they wrote would be up to them, and that I was stating the problems as I saw them.   I did ask them to be as specific as they could in the language that they used in a time when we could not trust the meaning of the words of the President of the United States.  I also pointed out that Trump said he was going to have a VA meeting in Florida this past weekend,  he didn’t actually have the meeting, yet he still went to  Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

I grew up in poverty. I received free lunches in school. I personally hated it, as I felt ashamed. I think that was a message I got from society, though, that somehow I should be ashamed. Now, I know that I didn’t need to be. I was a child, then a teenager. It wasn’t my fault I was poor. There is no shame in being poor. I needed to eat.  I want any and all hungry children, teens, adults, and elderly people to eat. I hope most compassionate human beings do .

I worked in social services for over twenty years. I worked with many people living in poverty.  They were good, kind people. The thing that matters is:  they were people.  What a shame that Trump and the GOP aren’t aware of this or if they are, they don’t have any compassion for real people.

In closing, I ask if you feel strongly about Trump’s waste of taxpayers’ money, that you consider reading and signing my Change.org petition.  I need four more signatures for it to meet its goal and be e-mailed to Congress and to specific Senators including Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Bernie Sanders,  asking them to take action.  If you agree with my goal, please feel free to share the petition and tell your friends about it.

Link to my petition:   https://.chang.org/p/congress-write-a-law-to-make-trump-stop-weekly-vacations-in-forida-please-see-the-letter-in-the-body-of-the-petition-thank-you

The above is the title of the Change.org petition and it can also be located under the category of  #TrumpStayHome.

I appreciate any support you are able to provide, and I thank you so much for reading my blog.  I also tweeted about this on my Twitter page under my name,   Jamie Bryant @jambie61                       #TrumpStayHome        and       #TrumpKidsStayHome








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Dear Jason Chaffetz, You Sir Are An Arrogant Elitist Jerk. Since You Won’t Take Calls, Let’s Talk I Phones, The Poor, and Being Judgmental Here

Dear Jason Chaffetz,  You are a representative in the United States government. It seems you don’t understand this, and it also seems  you don’t care, but here is the deal, YOU work for ME, a regular American. You work for all Americans, so when you go on a television news program and say something arrogant as you did today, you get heat. I’m thinking you received  a lot of heat because when I tried to call your office just now to express my dissatisfaction with your rudeness, I couldn’t get through to leave a message. On the line for people who are not your constituents,  a message said it was full of messages. On the line for constituents, it said that you were not taking calls. Really, you aren’t taking calls from your constituents today?  I even tried to e-mail you, but apparently, you have to live in your district and prove repeatedly that you are not a robot in order to do that.

In my opinion, you sir, are a coward. If you are going to go on national television and insult an entire group of people, then you need to have the courage to deal with the consequences. Obviously, you do not. However, I have am going to have my say, whether you read it or not.

You obviously know nothing about poor people. I am sick of you and other republicans judging poor people. You act like you have some kind of moral high ground simply because you were born to parents who had money. You don’t.  Rich people aren’t better than poor people simple based on the amount of money they have.  People are better people based on their actions and often their words.  Jason, you failed miserably today. You said horrible things about a group of people you do not know. You judged people you do not know. You assumed that poor people make bad choices. You are uninformed, and it seems you do not care to educate yourself, however; I am going to try.

I grew up in poverty.   When I was born, my parents were doing well financially. It doesn’t really matter, that just happens to be a fact and part of my story. They were not rich, but they were able to pay their bills.  My father worked full-time and my mother worked part-time as a  hair dresser out of the beauty shop attached to our home when my sister and I were younger. She worked full-time outside of our home when we got older.  We lived my entire childhood in a modest home in a small town in Pennsylvania.

When I was a young child, my father got sick. He had to change jobs from his usual milk delivery and his income went down. He continued to work full-time during the day and worked part-time jobs in the evenings and on weekends with my mother.

I remember my father and mother taking a job cleaning the local library in the evenings after it was closed. My younger sister and I went with them, and now  I realize it was because they couldn’t afford childcare. We sat in the children’s  section and entertained ourselves, careful not to make a mess or disturb anything, while my parents cleaned which included sweeping and mopping the floors of the large old  building that I thought of as a beautiful, magical place.  On weekends and other nights, my father who was skilled in woodworking built things for others and my mothers helped him. He also did odd jobs including doing basic plumbing or doing body work on cars or to earn extra income.

Mr. Chaffez, you seem to think that poor people have poor planning, or buy items they do not need. You seem to blame them for the circumstances they find themselves in by no fault of their own.  I want you to understand that when you are poor, you simply live each day in the best way that you can.  When you are poor, you don’t have the ability to save money. All of your money goes to survival.  You don’t have the ability to make better choices. Your choices are made for you by your circumstances.  Really, your lack of choices are made for you by your circumstances.

Some poor people probably don’t have a cell phone. Some may have an inexpensive cell phone. Maybe some poor people buy smart phones. So what? They aren’t really expensive and many people use them in place of home phones. They are able to use them for everything including internet access and can be used in case of emergencies when they are away from home. If you have children, it’s a useful tool to have when you are out in the community. Also  poor people can’t afford to buy new cars so they  often drive used cars,  which can break down often.  No one no one wants to be stranded with a broken down car without being able to contact someone to come and help them, especially if you have young children with you. When you are poor, you often don’t have AAA as you can’t afford it,  or can’t afford a tow truck, so you depend on family or friends to come and get you or help you to get your car running again.

Also, poor people are still people and are entitled to make whatever choices they want with what little money they have.  Everyone deserves joy in life. I’m sure you enjoy the luxuries you have in your life, the cup of coffee you buy on the way to work, the movie you see on the weekend. Would you like someone telling you that you should spend that money in a better, more efficient way? Would you like it if someone appointed themselves as your moral superior and told you that you  should make your coffee at home to save money  or say that instead of going to the movies, you should donate that money to charity?  No, people have the right to whatever joys, large or small, they enjoy in life.

Children who are born to wealthy parents are able to choose to go to college if they wish.  If they do, their parents pay for their college education.   When they graduate, they are not $25,000. or more in student loan debt starting out right out of school. This was the case for me in 1984 when I graduated from college. I put myself through college.  My husband did too as we were both born to poor families.  We got married right out of college, and were $50,ooo.oo in debt. He was an officer in the Marine Corps, and we went to Quantico, Virginia where he began his training.

We were lucky in many ways. We were white and certain privileges came with that. We had grown up in a town where we went to great schools and received an excellent education.   We grew up at a time when we could afford to put ourselves through college on student loans and in his case also on grants, and still afford to live for part of our college careers  in the college town we lived in by supporting ourselves with part-time jobs.  The rents in the community were not high in 1984.  I doubt this would be possible for someone as poor as we were to do this in 2017.

While I will give my parents all of the credit for being hard workers who provided for my physical needs, who kept me in stable shelter, who kept me clothed,  and fed, I will acknowledge that I was abused by them.  I was still lucky because I had good people in my life who helped me.  I had adults who provided  some stability and let me know that I was smart and lovable. There were good people in my life, not every abused and or neglected child has this either. I know I was lucky.  I know these things made a difference in my life and in the opportunities I had.

Being poor is not a choice.  You cannot simply pull yourself out of poverty by sheer force of will or by working hard enough.  You cannot pull yourself out of poverty  if you do not get a good education as a child and a teen.

I worked in the social services field with people who lived in poverty for over twenty years. The majority of them were good, kind, compassionate people who were simply trying to do the best they could with the limitations that life that gave them.  I worked with different populations including homeless adults and mentally ill adults.  I  respected them a great deal.  Everyone has something that they have to deal with in life. We all have some kind of limitation. No one is perfect.

Jason, it is not your job to judge others. It is definitely not your job to judge poor people and the choices they make in their lives. It is your job to represent your constituents and to listen to them.  It would be great if you could make it your job to  educate yourself about poverty.

It would be great if you would make it your job to educate yourself about the needs of the poor including their healthcare needs, and then try to do something to actually HELP them.  Jason, it would also be great if you would try to be a better human being.

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Dear Republicans, My Parents Were Poor and I Received Free Lunches. You Have No Souls If You Cut Free Lunches. We Won’t Forget If You Do.

Dear Republicans,   I am fifty-five years old now. I grew up in a small town in  Pennsylvania, in a home where my parents were poor. They both worked hard at full-time jobs during the week,  and my father and mother worked at part-time jobs on the weekends to bring in more income.  However, we were poor, and they needed help to feed me and my younger sister. I think they were embarrassed to apply for food stamps and to receive them. I know I was embarrassed as a teenager getting my free lunch ticket every Monday morning, as  I left my home room as quietly and inconspicuously as  I could, hoping none of my classmates would notice my leaving or ask me where I was going.

I felt so much shame about getting free lunches, but as an adult, I realize that I didn’t need to. It wasn’t my fault that my parents were poor. I was a child.  I needed to eat. And by the way, Paul Ryan, if you really made that remark about poor kids not having a soul, I had a soul as a poor child.  Maybe you have never met a poor child or a poor adult, but we are simply people.

I question if you have a soul now if you really want to take funding away from feeding children. Who would do that? Certainly not someone with a kind heart or with any compassion.

I got a simple, nutritious meal, with my free lunch ticket, the same meal available to any of my classmates. Anyone could choose to buy a lunch ticket, so I  had the knowledge that perhaps people wouldn’t know for sure that I received free lunches. Yet everyday when I paid for my lunch with that ticket, I was sure that people knew, or at least suspected that I was poor, and I was ashamed. That is how I spent seventh through twelfth grade in middle and high school, at least every day at lunch. That does not mean I didn’t have a soul. It does mean, I had feelings. I was a child being a child. I felt embarrassed, but I didn’t need to.

I did that to myself, but I think the attitude that many Republicans have  toward the poor and free lunches at least in part continues and  can spark that attitude of feeling shame at being poor.  Not one person in my life ever shamed me for being poor, but somehow I knew, there was shame in it.  Society let me know.  People like you, Republicans who look down on the poor, let me know.

You, each and every Republican who says that you must cut funding to food stamps and to free lunches, certainly if you have the audacity to say that children who get free lunches have no soul, you add to the myth, the lie that children, CHILDREN, should be ashamed of being poor. You should be ashamed for the words that come out of your mouth,  for your attitude towards the poor, let alone for the actions that you say you will take, and even more so if you actually take them.

What kind of person would take away the ability to get food from a hungry child? I’ll answer that for you, an evil, selfish person. If you and other Republicans defund food stamps and free lunches, it makes you evil.  Many issues in life are not black and white, but this is. It makes you wrong. It makes you unelectable. I thought the last one might get your attention.

You seem to revel in your evilness, but please do keep in mind, that there are consequences for your actions. They are called elections.  We will not blame all of this on Trump. We know you want us to, and we, the educated and informed people, the Resistance, the people who are watching what the Republicans are doing to destroy America while Trump distracts everyone else with his buffoonery, we are watching you, the Republicans. The  laws that  you, the Republicans pass, you will be held accountable for them.   You will be held accountable for your actions.

If you do this, if you take money away from the poor adults that need it,  those on SSI, those who are physically disabled and mentally ill and cannot work, or poor adults who work for minimum wage, often at two jobs and still need help in the form of food stamps, that will not be okay with us. It will not be accepted. That will have consequences, be sure of that.  That is bad enough,  but KNOW THIS, Republicans. We will not forgive you for taking money away from the poor and hungry children. We will remember in 2018 and 2020.   We will hold you, the Republicans accountable.  We will not forget.

All of those people protesting, and even some of us who do not have the physical stamina to protest, we will be at the voting booths in 2018 and 2020.  We are not being paid to protest.  We are there because we are angry. We are there because we have had enough.  People are showing up at our town halls because many have found their voices for the first time, and you will hear us, there and in the voting booths. No one pays people to be in the town halls.  We are not being paid to make the telephones ring in your offices or to write you e mails or to tweet at you. We are doing it because we see you as you are.  We are holding you accountable. We will continue to.  You can count on it.

So, Republicans, smile and be smug, say it’s going well since Trump took office, but if you decide to hurt the most vulnerable with your budget cuts, start making your retirement plans now. You will need them.  #Resistance

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An Open Letter To Congress: What Is Taking So Long With The Impeachment of Unstable Donald Trump?

Dear Members of Congress,

I ask you respectfully but with urgency, what is taking so long with the impeachment of Donald Trump? I mean, it’s been two weeks of chaos and  extreme behaviors, and the world can see that he is not a well man. If he were my grandfather, I would have taken his phone away from him long ago, maybe given him one that wasn’t connected to the internet, patted him softly on the back, and told him to tweet away.   I might have distracted him with a nice coloring book and some crayons and a good movie or ten.
That’s my way of saying, that our POTUS has lost his mind. I see it. The world sees it. To borrow a line from  a movie by Kids In the Hall, “Dogs know you are” …….. ( for my purposes here)   insane!    I mean, come on, Trump threatened to send troops into Mexico. MEXICO!  He also shouted at the PM of Australia and hung up the phone on him. We know it happened. We know he denied it, but we also know he lies.  All. Of. The. Time. Trump has now and had the emotional maturity of a toddler throughout the campaign, but his mental stability has obviously gone downhill since he became President TWO WEEKS AGO.  I have to say that I am at the very least, concerned.

Today, with fear in my heart, I looked at Trump’s Twitter account to find he had bullied Iran.  They aren’t going to be as calm or as forgiving as oh say, Australia, one of our allies. So, again I ask, WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG WITH THE IMPEACHMENT?   Are you afraid to impeach Trump? If so, why? Seriously, why? He is not popular with the American public. A minority of uneducated, not very smart people elected him. It may not be nice to say, but it’s true.  I think it’s time someone starting speaking the truth.

There are people in the street protesting him nearly daily, if not daily.   There was a poll that said four in ten voters want Trump impeached. I personally think it’s probably higher. They didn’t contact me. They probably missed those protestors in the streets, and I bet they would have voted FOR impeachment.

Now, if you Republicans don’t want to go against your party and vote for impeachment, seriously GROW A DAMN SPINE. Now, today, would be the time to do just that.  Trump is insane, unstable. I do not say that lightly. I worked with people with mental health issues for many years, and I had a great deal of respect for them. They were good people, kind, intelligent people working hard to deal with real difficulties in their lives.   They worked hard to remain stable and be  responsible, good people. I cannot say that I see that in Mr. Trump.  I honestly cannot at least in my opinion. I don’t see him helping people. I don’t see him being kind to others.  I do not see him trying to maintain his stability, which would be the very least he could do.  He is the President and responsible for the safety of America and also the world.

I’m not saying that I’m a doctor or an expert. However, ANYONE who isn’t stupid or blind can see that Trump is not mentally stable. I’m not calling you stupid. I think you see that he is not stable.  Look at his behaviors ,his tweets, his words. He is not acting normal. He is not acting like a stable person. He is unfit.  He cannot lead.  He should not be in the position of President of the United States. The world sees this.  You must act. You must act now.  Today, this hour, today.  And please take away his phone!

Trump appears to have all the behaviors of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There is no treatment for this, no medications or treatment. This is who he is, his personality. This accounts for his fragile ego and need for praise. This accounts for his fascination with the election and the crowds as his inauguration. He needs, not wants, needs to be adored.  He will not stop focusing on these things.  He cannot stop.  The protests and media criticism are harmful to his fragile ego, to a man who needs praise and adoration.

Did you see the article with Howard Stern? He got that part right, that Trump needs praise. If you look at Trump’s behaviors, you can see that he is crumbling under the stress of the criticism and the protests. This is not normal. He is not fit to lead. You must impeach him for his own safety and the safety of America.  Narcissists do not have insight. He will not resign.  Bannon is also a danger, and he can manipulate Trump with praise, so he must go too.

I also see behaviors in Trump that may be Alzheimer’s Disease. My father, sadly, has this disease. Trump when he was seated across from Rudy Giuliani and asked for Rudy repeatedly, not seeming to know he was right there, and looking confused, looked so familiar to my father’s behaviors.  If he does have this, stress will make it worse very quickly. This is dangerous. Also please educate yourselves about something called  Sundowners because in Alzheimer’s Disease, people can have that condition where they can become much worse when the sun goes down or around that time of day. In a President those symptoms could be beyond disastrous.  People with this can be or appear coherent early in the day and not know someone close to them later in the day, or not know who they are, where they are, or what they are doing later in the day.

My own father would be somewhat coherent in the morning when he was in the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s, and he still was not well, and talk with me over coffee pleasantly. By evening, around six pm, he would look at me and see my sister, who was adopted and looked nothing like me. He really thought I was her. He called me by her name.  He tried to give me her pills, which of course didn’t exist. He walked over to me with an outstretched hand after putting his hand into a bag, coming out with imaginary pills,  and telling me it was time to take my pills, calling me by her name.  I gently told him my name, that I was not her, and he got very angry at me.  He thought his IV was a fishing line that had gotten tangled  around his leg.  He became agitated, and I thought he would become violent, so I called a nurse to come and help him untangle it. She did. This is just an example, but I ask you to take this information very seriously.

Do not allow Trump to have his own “doctor” reassure you that he is fine. He is not. The world sees that he is not, and America looks more and more stupid and inept every day that he remains in office.

Now, Republicans and Democrats,  I do not care about your politics. I don’t care if you care about your politics or your position in Congress. You need to stop caring about those things and care more about the safety of America, Americans, and the world because that is what is at stake right now.

I do not care if it offends Trump, and you need to stop caring about that if you do. He is not well, and it is also not fair to him to let this continue. It is really unfair to America, the world, and it’s dangerous.

I care about the fact that this needs to be done. Everyone,  stand up, do your jobs, begin impeachment procedures now. I beg you to do this to keep America and the world safe. It is your job. It is your duty to act in the best interests of America and the world.  Do it now, today.  Please.

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Congress, America, Members of the Media, (In my Opinion) I’m Concerned Our President is Crumbling Beneath the Pressure of His Office, As Evidenced By An Investigation Into Voter Fraud That Never Happened. OR The Emperor Has No Clothes

Members of the media, Congress, please stop analyzing the behaviors of President Trump and trying to see what is beneath it. Stop trying to make sense of it. It does not make sense. Please look at how insane and delusional the behavior itself is. The Emperor has no clothes.

Trump will not grow into his role as President. If anything, he will crumble. He may be crumbling right now. He may become enraged or alternate between the two, mostly behind closed doors. Of course many other things could happen. It’s anything can happen day when you give a man with narcissistic personality disorder the most powerful position in America. If that doesn’t terrify you, you haven’t seen the cruelty a NPD can inflict when they are angry or hurt.

I do suspect that whatever happens even  based on what has happened in the first few days of Trump’s presidency, some of it leaked by his staff, that  it could be potentially disastrous for America.  I have known that it could  be one of the worst things that could happen to America since Trump was nominated to be the Republican nominee.

I don’t express these concerns about Trump only because I’m a liberal with a brain. I  express them because I see  all of the behaviors of a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Trump.   I grew up in a home with a father much like Donald Trump. He wasn’t orange or rich, but otherwise:  Trump. I don’t like my father, but I will give him credit for being a little bit smarter than Trump and actually pretending to be a nice person in public.

I worked in social services  for over twenty years and specifically in the mental health field for many of those years.  I’ve worked with my fair share of people with NPD.

Today Trump tweeted that he was ordering an investigation into voter fraud that according to everyone in Trump’s administration, including his attorney said there was no evidence to support. Sean Spicer carefully and repeatedly stated that Trump, “believes” it. That does not inspire confidence, and the American people deserve and need  confidence in their President.

In my opinion, Trump has NPD and although he may appear arrogant and certainly has that quality, he also has a fragile ego.  Due to the pressure of the criticism from the large turnout of the Women’s March on Washington DC, the continued protests, as well as all of the negative feedback from the media on the television and on the internet, I believe that he is unable to cope with the stresses and requirements of his job. I believe he is in the process of crumbling at this very moment. I submit to you, the reader, and to Congress, that Trump must be impeached because he is not fit to lead the country,  and in my opinion and in all likelihood, he will only grow less and less fit over time.

Narcissists to not change.  This is a personality disorder and who they are. They do not mature or improve. Their behavior only grows worse over time, and Trump is seventy years old.

People with NPD don’t just want to be loved and praised, they need it. They cannot provide reassurance to themselves. They NEED the praise and love from outside themselves, from others. That is at least part of  what I mean when I say they have a fragile ego.  People with NPD, and Trump has this in my opinion and others with more experience have also expressed this opinion, cannot tolerate criticism. He is struggling, crumbling with the amount of criticism he is experiencing in such a public position. It will only get worse.

In my opinion, Trump’s demand for an investigation into voter fraud that never happened is a SYMPTOM of Trump’s crumbling mental state. Congress, Media, America, please take note.  In my opinion, I believe that our President is crumbling.  I say this with all seriousness and concern for his mental state and for the safety of our country.  Congress, please act to protect all of us now.

Congress,  please take testimony from talented, experienced, qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists knowledgeable in working with narcissistic personality disorders.   You need to understand the true danger of this personality disorder. Then please take action to protect our country.   Thank you for your service.







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The Women’s March On DC Says We Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable

Attending the Women’s March On Washington, DC was not an easy thing for me to do physically , but I will always be glad that I did it. I have never been in a crowd so large, and  probably many other people can also say this. Everywhere I looked, there were people, many women, but also men. There were young people, old people, and everywhere in between. There were families with children.  It was peaceful, positive, joyful, and I felt safe throughout the day, even when the crowd was crushing and my friends and I were pushed together, surrounded on all sides, with no room to move. As a fifty-five year old  woman who grew up in a physically, emotionally,  verbally abusive home, and as a sexual assault survivor  who didn’t feel safe until I was forty-seven years old, to say that I felt safe in such a large crowd for the entire day,  is amazing to me.

People bumped into each other often due to how crowed the streets were, but we would say we were sorry or excuse me and the other person would said that’s okay, in a friendly, kind manner, and we went on our way. There was no hostility or even impatience. It was a peaceful, wonderful day.  I grew tired and started to lose my balance  more often, even with the use of my cane, and as I bumped into people, and apologized, they were still kind and friendly. This was a crowd of  peaceful people.

Due to the large crowd, many people couldn’t even get close to the rally or the march, and still people remained patient.  My friends and I stood with many others,  possibly thousands that stood and waited patiently on streets far away from the rally and hoped to get into the line to march eventually. People talked quietly. Others simply stood quietly. I opened up my cane that could be converted into a seat and sat down. A  younger woman was lying on a bench behind me. I apologized when I realized I had put my bottom right down, several feet way, but still  in front of her face and moved down. She told me I was fine and invited me to lean against the fence between us and up against her so I could rest my back. She told me hers hurt. I told her mine did too, so I did lean back. My Aunt looked over a few minutes later. The kind younger woman said, “We’re keeping each other warm.” We actually were, although the temperature was much milder than I had thought it might be and being from Florida,  I was grateful for that. This seemed like a small thing, but it was a kindness and in the spirit of the day of people helping others. Sitting for a while helped me a great deal.

As we sat there a young woman, perhaps nineteen or twenty came through with a friend around the same age. She said to her other friends that she was going to try to walk through the crowd to the front. She said she would hate to come all that way and  not be in it.  One of my aunt’s friends, older than me looked her right in the eyes and told her, “We are in it,  just being here, we are in it.” As a fifty-five year old woman, I knew exactly what she meant. I knew how important it was that we were all there.

I didn’t know if the young woman got it. I remember being twenty,  and having all of that energy and drive and feeling like I knew everything. No one could tell me anything then. It was such a shame that you had to learn so many things the hard way. The young woman ended up walking away.  I wondered if she ever got into the actual march, and if she would remember that moment years from now and finally understand what my friend was saying.

“We are in it, just being here, we are all in it.” We were all in it, slightly over one million of us. It sent a loud and clear message and as obtuse as Trump and every person who claims it did nothing wants to say the March was, slightly over a million people in Washington, DC marching in the city carrying signs that sent a clear message, even many messages.  The fact that so many people traveled from all over the country to come to Washington DC for a march said that we were not happy with the election of Donald Trump, that we do not support him or anything that he stands for.  All of the signs that people made and carried spoke for themselves with messages about the environment, equal rights for all people, keeping funding for Planned Parenthood, keeping abortion legal,  keeping the Affordable Care Act,  not discriminating against gay people, against any minorities, and so many concerns. An older woman held a sign saying, ,”My Arms Hurt From Holding This Sign Since 1970″.  There are pictures of protest signs everywhere on the internet as are videos of speeches that were made at the rally that day, and they were enthusiastically cheered by the crowds.

The messages of the March are out there, and they are clear. There were slightly over one million people there that day, and we are not happy with the direction our country is taking. We will hold you, Donald Trump and Congress, accountable. We are watching you. We will not be silent.  Woman and men are not afraid of you, Trump.  We are united. We are strong.  We are intelligent, educated, organized, and informed. We are speaking up.

Trump and his supporters can deny and claim alternative truths all they want, but the truth will always be real and one thing, based on facts. One million people cannot be ignored. I was there. We were there. It happened.

On the metro on the way back home, it was packed full of people, mostly women  but also some men and families. At one point, we were all crushed together with no room to move.  We got a little more room when a few people got off later on.  A few young women started talking to me, my aunt, and our friends.  We talked about our days and jobs. One young woman said something that will always stay with me. She said that, “I have never felt so safe on the metro. I’m not worried about being groped. I’m not anxious.” She talked about how nice if felt.  It made me happy that she felt so safe, and it reminded me of how safe I had felt all day.

It also made me feel sad because as women, as human beings, we should have that feeling of safety every day. We should be able to leave our homes and feel safe every day, but we don’t. I don’t, and certainly she doesn’t. One in three women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. I was sexually assaulted when I was seven. It changed me forever.  Boys and men are also sexually assaulted. If you don’t know anyone who has been sexually assaulted, then someone in your life hasn’t felt safe in telling you.  Women, men,and children should have the ability to feel safe in the world all of the time, so that is just one of the many reasons  the marches will need to continue. Political action will need to continue.

So yes, one million women marched in Washington, DC on January 20, 2017 because as a nation we elected a man who admitted by describing his actions that  he was a sexual predator. I had a problem with that. Many women had a problem with that. We wore our pussyhats because he said, “Grab them by the pussy.” We were sending a message, many but also that specific one, that we do not support Donald Trump and his attitude towards women.  It was a sea of pink hats. Many women and many men do not support Donald Trump. It wasn’t just words. It wasn’t “locker room” talk.  Women and men do not accept his behavior or his attitude towards women. It is not acceptable.

“We are in it. Just being here, we are all in it.”  My new friend, Peggy, said it well. The many American men and women who do not support Donald Trump and his supporters will continue to be here, and  we are in it. We are not going away. We will continue to hold you, Donald Trump and Congress,  accountable. We are here, and we are not going away.





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Donald Trump, Gas lighting, and Why America Now Lives In The Eye Of The Storm of Narcissistic Abuse

I lived in the eye of the storm of narcissistic abuse for the first eighteen years of my life, just as  America is starting to live this same nightmare now. I imagine it will only get worse.

My father had narcissistic personality disorder just as Donald Trump does.  He was Donald Trump with a few exceptions. My father was not rich, not orange, and before he succumbed to advanced Alzheimer’s Disease , he was actually a bit smarter than Donald Trump.  My father certainly was smart enough to hide his narcissistic abuse, manipulations, and lies when in public as many narcissists do.

When he was in public, he was charming, friendly, and even funny at times. He was the perfect father, husband, employee, neighbor, and church deacon.  The only people who saw the truly ugly side of his character were my mother, my sister, and me. My mother had borderline personality disorder which included many narcissistic traits of her own. They both abused me and my younger adopted sister physically, verbally, and emotionally from the time we were young children. My father attempted to abuse me sexually when I was fourteen years old. He was sexually inappropriate in the things he said to me throughout my teen years and even when I was an adult. I never felt safe.  I went to college when I was eighteen, paying for it myself, and moved out into my own apartment at nineteen, continuing to go to college.

I share my story to explain that I know narcissistic abuse well. I know it from my experience growing up in a home where gas lighting was a technique both of my parents used to control and abuse me. I was told that I was stupid from the time I was a young child, even as I was required to get all A’s in high school, and even as I graduated in the top ten of my high school class.

I know it from my college education, one I paid for myself with a combination of student loans and working part-time jobs, work-study jobs,  and summer jobs, and budgeting carefully, and often doing without.  It took me many years to pay off those loans, but I take pride in this accomplishment.

I know it from the experience and education I gained  working in the social services and mental health fields for over twenty years.  I know it from my personal experience in therapy as an adult when I needed to process my childhood abuse.

I know narcissists.  I know the behaviors, the language, the attitudes, and the lack of conscience, empathy,  and remorse.  When I look at Donald Trump, I see a narcissist. I see him so clearly for what he is that I have a difficult time understanding why others can’t see him too.  He, unlike my father, doesn’t try to hide who he is.  He is arrogant and loud.

He lies constantly, like my father did, but Donald Trump being in the public eye has evidence of his lies in writing and on video. Even when presented with it, he denies his lies. I am not shocked by his lies. I have often repeated the old joke: How do you know if a narcissist is lying? His lips are moving. This applies to female narcissist too, of course.

It is a disturbing but amazing thing to watch, someone actually being presented with evidence of their lies and gas lighting behaviors and then continuing to lie.

I know that narcissists never take responsibility for their own behaviors. I remember working up the courage at seven years of age to walk into my sister’s bedroom, where my father sat with his head in his hands as if something horrible had just happened to him. He had just finished beating my four-year old sister. I had gone into the room  to tell him that I was the one who had broken the rule.

During that time period, he woke us up in the middle of the night, turned on the light, stood us up on our beds, held onto us with one arm, and with our mother watching silently, complicit, not afraid because my father worshipped her,  hit us over and over, screaming, “Just admit what you did!” He screamed it over and over, sounding out of control and terrifying.

The last thing he said, when he was done using our bodies as his punching bag, venting all of his anger and frustration, something I did not figure out until I was an adult, was the “rule” we had broken. That night. after he finished hitting my sister,  he blamed my sister for something I had done. The rules were confusing. The only rule I actually remember is that one time I  had moved an apple-shaped candle from one spot on an end table to another spot on the same end table. It was undamaged.  I was beaten for this. I remember thinking, I didn’t know that was a rule and that I would never do it again.  They simply made up more rules and none of them made sense.

I remember hearing  my father shout the broken rule from my bedroom down the little hallway, working up the courage to go into my sister’s room, and telling my father that I was the one that had broken the rule.  I don’t even remember what it was now. I stood there, terrified, expecting him to beat me, and he looked at me and said in this pathetic, sad voice, “How could you let me hit her for what you did?”

He destroyed me with those words. I took on all of the guilt and responsibility that he gave me in that one question.   I was seven.

Donald Trump will continue to gas light America. He will continue to blame others for his behaviors.  It’s projection, and he is incredibly good at it. He will continue to lie and distort the truth.  I’m not saying that I think Trump is intelligent. I honestly don’t. I think he’s an elderly man who has had a great deal of practice with these behaviors. They are not behaviors to be respected, but he is good at them. He is manipulative. This is who he is and what he does.  When I say he has NPD, I do not take away any responsibility from him for his actions.  He is fully aware of what he is doing, and he is responsible for all of his actions. There is, however; no treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I am watching my childhood nightmare of abuse being played out on a world stage.  All the people who support Trump are the neighbors, family members, and church members who loved and adored my father, and couldn’t see him for what he truly was.

I am watching my childhood nightmare of abuse being played out on a world stage. My father tried to have sex with me when I was fourteen. I had been sexually assaulted by a teenager when I was seven. I had no one to tell. Then they played the video where  Trump said, “…grab them by the pussy..”

I am watching my childhood nightmare of abuse being played out on the world stage. Trump will soon be in a position of power. He will have power over nuclear weapons. If that doesn’t terrify you, then you aren’t paying attention to who Trump really is. And unfortunately, that’s just one of the many things we should be worried with about Trump.

When I say that I grew up in the eye of the storm,  I also refer to the chaos that narcissists are capable of and are experts at creating. You have seen it, with all of the news stories, all of the tweets, including tweets to other countries, all of the seemingly unrelated, but potentially dangerous decisions that Trump  makes one after another. If you are like me, you can feel overwhelmed, like you can’t keep up with all of the stories or with everything that Trump and his transition team are doing. That is intentional on their part.  The more informed Congress, the members of the media, and the American people can be regarding people with NPD and their behavior the better, because Trump is a classic NPD. His behaviors are classic and our response to him can be managed by knowing what we are dealing with, his personality disorder as well as him, the President Elect, and it appears soon as President.

I know everyone is outraged at his lies. I am too, but please stop being simply outraged. Be outraged, but expect it from him all of the time, every time, and plan for it, and plan for a way to deal with the lies and his behaviors that are harmful to America. This is the next four years, and everyone in America needs to understand what we are dealing with and hold Trump accountable.

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder do not care about anyone but themselves. I think you can see it in Trump’s behaviors. Yes,  he cares about his family. He sees them as an extension of himself. They reflect either well or badly on himself, and you can see how differently he treats Tiffany who has little to do with him and how he treats his other children who seem to do everything he wants them to do.

He doesn’t see his children as people. You have head the comments he has made about Ivanka,  and that he would date her if she were not his daughter. That is not a normal way to talk about your daughter. That is how a person with NPD talks about their daughter.

My father told me I should let the lawyer, an extremely elderly man, I was working for when I was eighteen years of age catch me  if he chased me around my desk so that he could  have sex with me. He didn’t say it this directly because narcissists are never that direct, but it’s what he meant. Narcissists see their children as objects.  They are not capable of loving people in the way healthy people do.  This did not make it okay for my father to speak to me this way. It doesn’t make it okay for Trump to speak about his daughter that way.

Please keep in mind, if he doesn’t see his children as people, he certainly doesn’t see the American people as human beings. We are objects. We are things to him. We have to stand up for ourselves.

Trump cares about himself. He cares about money. He cares about his children as long as they make him look good. He cares about people being nice to him and making him look good.  That’s my educated opinion.

Yes, he  has a fragile ego, which is hard to understand with his obvious arrogance, but this is also true of NPD. He will rage tweet when he doesn’t get his way or someone criticizes him. Yes, he will threaten the press when they report anything he doesn’t like. However, everyone  must keep writing about Trump, holding him accountable, and speaking up. His behaviors are not normal. They are not acceptable, and America is not safe with him in charge.

(Note:  I speak of my father in the past tense because he has advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and for that reason and many others, to me, he is gone.)

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